r/CompetitiveOverwatch Best Of 2020 – Results

Content of the article: "r/CompetitiveOverwatch Best Of 2020 – Results"

These are the results of the r/CompetitiveOverwatch BestOf 2020 voting. For the cases where the winners are the original creators of the content, we'll give out awards, either on the post or here in the thread as applicable.

Best Comment Any comment
There were only two nominations here, so we didn't have voting, and these are not ordered

  • Kevster copypasta by u/Ezraah (award given on comment)
  • Rascal copypasta comment by u/slowmosloth, but the source is u/Re1nForce (award for Reinforce if he comments in this thread)

Best original content (text) Any self post submitted that is a guide, balance discussion or otherwise high effort text post
There were only three text post nominations, so again we didn't have voting, and these are not ordered

  • "So make it yourself then, if you're so damn smart!" — I stayed up all night and made a survey to see how the Overwatch Community would balance the game by u/Miennai (award given on post)
  • Players to watch out for in the offseason (KR Contenders edition) by u/Pandavvan (award given on post)
  • Ranking All 26 Teams Composed of Players Based on Their First Letter by u/ross7alex (award given on post)

Best User Any user who put in a lot of effort on the sub
Voting thread. Awards for this category will be given when the winners reply to this post.

  1. u/andygmb
  2. u/Carway
  3. u/independentfeeling22
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Honorable mention from the mod team, u/Is_J_a_Name for their hard work on match threads and post-match threads when the bot doesn't post them

Best original content (art) Any post that contains primarily art created by the submitter
Voting thread. Awards for this category will be given on the post

  1. In honor of playoffs, I made/edited an OWL-themed Marvels: Endgame movie poster featuring the 2020 broadcast talent! by u/loseurself2d
  2. i did a little hype fanart for 2 teams competing this weekend 🙂 by u/cdicedtea
  3. OWL Stun Bans, akiyume by u/akiyume_games

Best highlight post The best gameplay highlight post
Voting thread. Since the content in these posts are primarily from the players rather than the redditors who submitted them, no awards will be given out

  1. eqo "winnable"
  2. Carpe saves the round with the swap to Widowmaker
  3. Moth 3-man boop

Best meme post The best meme post
Voting thread. Awards here will only be given in the cases of the redditor being the one who created the content

  1. Big plays from Lastro post (no award)
  2. Is It Legal for Players to Kiss as a Strategy by u/smalls2233 (award given on post)
  3. : The Dallas Fuel Experience post (award for Bad Pachimari if he comments on this post)

Thanks everyone for nominating and voting!

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