(RANT) Overwatch is PAIN but I can’t stop playing.

Taking everything I am going to say with a grain of salt, as I am just a bronze tank pleb.

But man I can't stop myself from playing competitive, even though it's the last day of the competitive season and people have already warned of boosters, alt accounts and smurfs (Probably not in bronze, lol).

I was like "FUCK DUDE, I am at 1405 right now and I could make it to silver if I put some games in", and 6 hours later, I am down 150 sr instead.

Being a tank in bronze isn't that fun sometimes, when the other guy picked DVa, Zarya or any other off-tank, you know it's your time to whip out that Winston/Sigma/Orisa/Rein and being the main tank that your team needs, or as my Lucio would say it, "we have no shield / where is our tank". So I sucked it up, recall the "Honor and Glory" PSA on YouTube and head into the game.

5 minutes later, I was stuck at a choke with a (insert spam DPS here) raining down on me, our DPS attempting a flank on their backline while turning their invisibility hack on, since nobody, not even the enemy team could find them. The game was lost.

Going off-tank gives a false impression that you have more agency/control over the outcome of the game than being the main tank. Chasing down squishes, smacking that reaper who's been wandering around in our backlines for way too long. But then the frontline crumbled and I lost, again.

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It happens sometimes, so it was alright. But there were times when we managed to team wipe the opponent and everything was going so well so we pushed for the advantage. Yet somehow Dorado was interpreted as "2CP" rather than "Escort" after the wipe, and I had to run back and push the cart solo pondering how deep I am in elo hell, whilst everybody else was already deep inside the third part of the map,

Then at the bottom, it happens. A game where I managed a comeback through comradery with randoms and spamming "Group Up" instead of "I need healing", with a team that listens and play coherently, where everybody would swap and adapt to the enemy comp. I could feel my faith in humanity restored after pulling off the cheese rush in Hanamura Point A after asking DPS to play Symmetra for TP.

Thus I headed into another game with high hopes only to have it shattered. Rinse and repeat to end up with a negative winrate. I need therapy.

Note: If you have made it this far, all the above is just a rant after a mental boom. I managed to grind from 1100 to 1400, and hopefully, as I continue to improve, I can make it to a higher rank by the end of next season.

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