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Before we get into the key aspect of Reaper, if you prefer to learn things Visually > Textually, and want to see the Full Guide, here's the video form of the guide: https://youtu.be/mnOKlGyTNBI

In terms of Macro Playstyle, there's two main types that Reaper's often don't know when to distinguish between – FLANKING or FRONTLINING.

The Frontlining Playstyle has been slowly diminishing due to the changes that have been coming to Reaper, but there is a misconception that Reaper is 'Much Weaker' against Tanks than squishes and whilst elements of this are true, it really depends upon composition – Hence I've broke down the three predominant compositions (Brawl, Poke, Dive) in relation to Frontlining Vs Flanking.

Frontlining – Brawl

  • Soft Off-Angles – This will apply across all compositions in the frontline style, with varying levels of significance. This is to draw attention away from the frontline and onto you aiding your Reinhardt.
  • Split From Core – When holding chokes in a Brawl Vs Brawl Mirror, sometimes you as Reaper (Or Your D.Va) will want to be split from your core, instead of Mei (If you want to know why to split from your core as Mei, feel free to read and watch my Mei Guide!). This is to play at a slower tempo (Since D.Va/Reaper can run away from the choke unlike Mei when playing split) and planning to give up the choke, which may be to peel from a set of ultimates the enemy team have
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Flanking – Brawl

  • Retaking Chokes – Breaking through chokes – Especially when you don't have a Mei – Can be tough; Most teams will just barrel through the choke, get split, and lose. However, you can split focus with reaper by teleporting behind the enemy team to draw attention (Allowing your team to move through the choke). You can also shoot the Mei once you're behind to force cryo, then your team can move through the choke.

Frontlining – Poke

  • Short > Long Sightlines – 'Reaper' and 'Poke' is often oxymoronic. However, if playing Double Shield into what's typically considered to be a long sightline map such as Havana, you can soft off-angle to where the long sightlines don't matter. Here's an Example on Havana 1st Point Defense.
  • Forcing Objective – If playing against a comp that has more poke than you, you can force objective to aid your brawlier playstyle – Such as Hanamura 1st Point Attack.

Flanking – Poke

  • Typical Teleport – This is where the most traditional and typical rhythm of Reaper's playstyle comes into force – Teleporting Behind, Putting Pressure, Wraithing Out, Rinsing and Repeating.
  • Splitting Late – Stereotypically Poke compositions such as double shield can play alike to brawl (Implied prior with the tight corner holding on Havana) with rReaper splitting late as the core pushes in, to deal with Flank pressure from an Ashe/Widowmaker etc. (Ideally Reaper needs to teleport in a range where he deals meaningful damage with short sightlines – Here's An Example on Hanamura 1st Point Attack) P.S. If you're worried about a Widow/Ashe one tapping the Reaper, an OWL team actually did this back when 2-2-2 was first introduced in 2019 Stage 4 of OWL

Frontlining – Dive

  • Flank Control – Again, hammering the importance of soft off-angles, but now for map control reasons. Here's a clear example of a 'Fast Dive' composition establishing angles in a mirror on Lijang Tower Gardens.
  • Short Sightlines – Keep in mind, Reaper is also playing in Dojo, which has short sightlines, and their Core, specifically the Winston, has nowhere to hide from the incoming damage.
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Flanking – Dive

  • Avoid Flanking in… – In Fast Dive compositions (I.E. Winston D.Va Reaper/Sombra/Tracer Moira Lucio) in neutral fights, you want to avoid flanking since it often takes too long. However…
  • Kiting + Teleporting – When Kiting (Kiting: Pulling away/Retreating from the enemy team) you can often teleport behind the enemy team to split focus. The reason why this works is that after YOUR team has finished Kiting (And thus, after the ENEMY team has finished Pushing) the ENEMY team will be split, and they won't be able to kite when YOUR team then Pushes in
  • Typical Teleport – In other, slower dive compositions, the typical rhythm can be repeated. Make sure to time your teleports when your Winston is diving/doing something!

Some Tadbits…

"Reaper plays very similar to Tracer… in short, a Short Sightline Tracer" – Jacob 'Spilo' Clifton, Retired Professional Coach of Sheer Cold, Current Big Funni Streamer Man

"You're missing both your cooldowns when they actually make their play. You staggered yourself, you dragged your team into a team wipe" – Chris 'Temporal' Reilly, Former Strategic Coach for Contenders Team Phase 2

"Reaper's ultimate is so easy to counter with cooldowns, but so easy to counter without them" – Jacob 'Spilo' Clifton, Retired Professional Coach of Sheer Cold, Current Big Funni Streamer Man

Again, the FULL GUIDE explaining these quotes, providing insight on Reaper's other potential playstyles, and covering more macro aspects of Reaper's kit, is linked above – Thanks for reading!

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