Regional Overview, Discussion, and Power Rankings: APAC Megathread

Content of the article: "Regional Overview, Discussion, and Power Rankings: APAC Megathread"

Links to individual APAC team discussions:

Chengdu Hunters

Philadelphia Fusion

New York Excelsior

Guangzhou Charge

Seoul Dynasty

Hangzhou Spark

Shanghai Dragons

I’ve compiled all 7 of my previous roster discussion threads for each of the APAC teams above.

Now that we’ve gone over every team, let’s go over the region as a whole. Submit your personal power rankings for the APAC region and share your thoughts about competition level, expectations/hopes for certain teams, and other topics:

Personal Rankings:

1. Shanghai Dragons:

Majority of starters returning, plus some interesting new pieces. Biggest question will be how Fate performs, but I have a lot of confidence in him, and I think he will play well under Moon’s system.

2. Hangzhou Spark:

The Spark had a busy offseason, and wound up having the largest roster in the league, filled with talented players. Very intriguing new prospects at almost every position, and honestly I just think they have too much talent to do poorly. They could flop if coaching or synergy doesn’t work out, but I am cautiously confident that this won’t happen.

3. Seoul Dynasty

Imma be honest. I really don’t have a great idea of how I’m gonna order the Dynasty, Fusion, and Hunters. This middle sections is really weird and I seriously don’t know who’s going to do the best/worst. The Dynasty are interesting. They were incredibly inconsistent last year, often flipping from the worst team in the region to one of the best from week to week. Despite some concerns, I mostly consider their moves to be either upgrades or neutral trades, but coaching has got to improve this season. Hocury is gone, but will that be enough? I’ll put them at 3 for now but I don’t exactly feel good about it.

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4. Philadelphia Fusion

Another really weird team. Arguably the best support line in the region but questions elsewhere. It’s a sizeable downgrade for the tankline, going from Sado/Fury to Mano/Poko, but it’s not bad. Mano’s performance on a mixed roster is a concern though. Shockwave is an interesting addition to the DPS line but overall I think the rest of the moves there are also downgrades. Essentially, this team has gotten noticeably worse, but they’re still not that bad.

5. Chengdu Hunters:

The Hunters have a high ceiling and a low floor. They could hypothetically finish anywhere on this list. I’m going to start out pessimistic with them at 5, but I do think they could end up being good. They have consistent pieces now and won’t be constrained to weird off-meta stuff. Worst Off-Tanks in the league by a good margin though, and a lot of fairly unproven players.

6. Guangzhou Charge:

I wanted to put the Charge higher but the more I thought about it I just couldn’t justify it. I guess I could put them ahead of the Hunters but I really just don’t know. Supports are too big of a question mark in my opinion, and a cracked DPS lineup and solid tanks won’t make up for that if they don’t play well. I don’t think they’ll be terrible, but the other teams ahead of them just look much better.

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7. New York Excelsior:

This roster is just lacking. You’ve got some proven players like JJonak and Ivy, and some promising rookies such as Gwangboong, but this roster just does not stack up with the rest of the region. I don’t think they’ll be quite as bad as London was last year (London finished 7th in APAC in 2020), but I just don’t see them competing on the same level as most of the other teams in this region.


That concludes APAC! I’ll be starting North America soon (well actually I’ll technically be starting with Europe first but who gives a shit, no one reads these bits anyway).

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