Replay Viewer PTR Feedback Thread: Changes and minor adjustments that are needed to make the changes even more impactful.

Content of the article: "Replay Viewer PTR Feedback Thread: Changes and minor adjustments that are needed to make the changes even more impactful."

Hey, I'm Rydarus, I'm a video editor / ingame capture artist for the NA Contenders team Susanoo.

I decided to make a thread here about feedback for the replay viewer, since a lot of streamers and content creators frequent this subreddit. Quite some time ago I made a thread here that had significant traction regarding changes to the viewer, and by and large, blizzard has done a great job in addressing the vast majority of concerns on PTR!

The replay viewer is amazing, but it is missing a lot of basic features from Competitiveoverwatch

The replay viewer is a massive improvement and I cannot thank the devs enough for the great job that's already been done. Things like adjusting the FOV adjustment interval, or the skip interval, are already massive QOL changes that people have been clamoring for.

For a recap of all the current changes, see here. https://twitter.com/JessDiPaola/status/1329570919329644547

Having taken it out for a spin, here are my current most important issues with the viewer that I think need to be fixed.

This does not sum up literally everything I think it needs, but more basic features that potentially would be great to get in BEFORE it leaves PTR.

This is not a wishlist of changes to solve every gripe I have with the reviewer, this is simply a list of changes that are either "freebies" or relatively quick to implement (I hope) in order to increase the usability of the new changes to the viewer.

In terms of what the viewer needs still.

#1: A pass on certain heroes' UI elements.

Even with every UI option deactivated except for the crosshair, some heroes like Zenyatta keep certain UI elements that cannot be disabled without disabling the ENTIRE HERO HUD (which includes the crosshair as well). https://i.imgur.com/NRpUXeh.jpg

(I forgot to disable the ult charge meter but I'm talking about the zen orb indicators, FYI.)

#2 A keybind that enables ALL UI elements temporarily**, much like ALT Z DISABLES all UI elements temporarily.**

This one is super important to me, because without this change, most of the changes in the replay viewer on PTR only save very little time. Right now, in order to create videos with that clean look where you only see Crosshair, killfeed, and the Activity Feed that says "eliminated XYZ player," you have to shoot everything twice, and synch it up and hope that the replay viewer doesn't pastel & artifact the hell out if you mask things and a Rein decides he wants to ragdoll to the right instead of the left on any particular day. The changes on the PTR make the collection of this footage significantly easier, with one damning caveat.

Without the ability to quickly turn on and off the other UI elements with a single button press, it makes actually collecting footage significantly harder. In order to get the clean UI look, you have to go into an options menu and select 9 options which aren't even all in one go.

This would be fine if you only had to do this once, except unless you have replays where you ALREADY KNOW that "Jimmy Neutron" is player 12 in the lobby and he has a pulse bomb on "Timmy Turner" (Player 4) and "Jake at 3 AM" (Player 2) at 3:43 on the timebank on first point Volskaya, you're gonna have to repeatedly toggle those tons of UI elements in order to be able to get around the replay, understand what is happening, and be able to record things. This is especially important to me, because many Contenders games are often unstreamed, so it significantly impairs my personal workflow when I don't have a separate YouTube VOD I can skim.

Even a very small change, like bringing up the replay controls (by default N) ALSO ENABLING all UI elements would go a LONG LONG LONG WAY to improving the usability of the system and allowing it to do the things that it is intended to do.

#3: A new SMALL timecode UI element that can be enabled or disabled.

This timecode UI element would list the current time of the replay, meaning if 24.5 seconds have transpired in the match, that would be what it would display. It can be TINY, like FPS counter tiny and in a corner of the screen (movable would be even better, but movable UI is more of a long shot hope from me than something I can realistically expect, more on that later). What this would allow people to do is to more easily synch sound and gameplay for edits that require multiple camera angles and time remapping to ensure continuity when editing.

Say I want to cut from a pulse bomb to the pulse bomb exploding while preserving continuity? Right now, I have to use certain things like the explosion and match the exact point when an outline disappears, or when the explosion can be first seen, etc, a very clunky way of doing things.

#4: Enabling / disabling camera collision w/ solid objects

A lot of shots are made significantly harder because you're worried you're going to clip through the wall or floor. Camera collission already exists for live spectating, why can't it be toggled in the replay viewer?

#5: FOV adjustment while paused

I assume this can't be adjusted due to engine limitations so I won't harp on it. It'd be nice though!

#6: Finally, the ability to position UI elements.

I know it's a long shot, but this would be amazing. This would fix 99.999999999999% of the issues I have with the viewer right the hell now. Instead of timecode, I could just use a crop, shrink the gamemode UI to something microscopic and crop it out in post. I could just MOVE UI elements to places where I could reasonably crop them out and implement all these needed features in ghetto scuffed ways, and allows more workflow freedom.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. Please support T2 and T2 content creation, ktnxbai. Also comment on any changes YOU WANT TO SEE.

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