Reviewing my support placement matches (Support SR 1071)

Content of the article: "Reviewing my support placement matches (Support SR 1071)"

I've saved my five placement matches, 4 losses & 1 win, and I'm looking to see not only how I can improve, but what to look for as well by reviewing my own matches. Hopefully this will help with review as reviewers can see what I see vs what experienced reviewers can see. I'm playing as Derpithrax here, and the final SR was 1071. I played these games from 8 to 9 pm on Sunday, if that's a factor in teammate quality / leavers.

I'm not so concerned with mechanics here as much as finding workable options to the problems presented in these games — what to do when tanks get cold feet, how to deal with leavers, spawncamping etc.

314WXA Gibraltar LOSS 1-3 17:36

This first match was a straight loss. The first point was a mess, playing Ana to begin with.
I switched to Brig and paired with Rein and did better on the second point, but the second (4:47) to third (9:05) point we had them down to overtime, and I thought we could hold it until some final ults. On attack, I think I made a mistake switching to Mercy over Brig for the damage boost. It went well but around 12:30 our tanks got staggered and repeatedly killed at the choke. I've looked over this but but don't know how I could have helped this as a Mercy — a Zen ult or a nano Rein could have carried them past it maybe, but I didn't think getting past this choke would be a problem.

BRVTC7 Lijiang Tower LOSS 0-2 6:28

Our Sigma went AFK around 1:50 and left at 2:37. The night marker round we lost straight out at 0%, completing at 3:37, and same with the second around. I don't know that anything would have helped in a 5v6 missing a tank.

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4GSAOR Volskaya LOSS 0-2 13:32

Another straight loss. First round as Moira. Held the first point until 4:12, and got them to overtime, but finally lost the second point at 8:12. The next round I went Mercy. A Doomfist shows up at 9:53 and stomps me and Junk. There's a torb ult, and then both tanks go all in and die just as I get there, the Doomfist kills me again, and then finally there's an ult and I'm dead. Looking at this again, I think our comp is not great (junk/reaper vs doomfist/torb, also I don't think many people are good at Winston) but also I should have gone Brig as soon as I saw the Doomfist and tried to stun or boop him.

4EX4WR Ilios LOSS 1-2 10:00

We win Well, but on Lighthouse our Genji leaves at 5:05. After that it's a straight stomp. I play Baptiste, but we don't even come close to taking the point. Again I don't think the tank comp is great (I don't think Zarya bubble pairs well with dva matrix) but probably Brig would have done better here as well vs Hog.

288RPZ Gibraltar WIN 2-1 13:29

This was a solid win. Defend with Ana. Hold the cart on the corner (funny bit at 2:05 where I nano the dva who immediately bombs), back up after a torb ult, lose the first point, sleep the zarya on her ult at 3:05, finally die from a dva bomb at 4:07, hold the cart, die again from ball at 7:02, then finally get out of overtime at 7:54 with soldier/dva ults. Attacking I go Mercy, boosting soldier. Get the first point. At 11:25 I hear a soldier ult and panic-valk, which does nothing and I die. From there we survive the next round of ults and push in, and I get to shoot Moira in the head at 13:21.

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Generally I think my main problem is not switching to Brig at a stall, and assuming my teammates will group up and communicate. Voice comms during these matches was spotty, but there are drawbacks to me doing call outs — people get interested in my accent or how Brigette is pronounced rather than using the callouts to focus.

The larger problem is that on 2CP and KOTH maps, there's only so much time to get it right, and the only thing I can really truly control is what hero I play and who I can support. I'm also trying to see if the leavers are leaving because they feel they're not getting support, but it seems pretty random why it's happening — they're not doing heal callouts or communicating.

It looks like there's a lot of back and forth around how many leavers and smurfs people run into with their games, so I'll keep a log of every game and the cause of win/loss. So far it's 2/5 or 40% of bronze games, which feels about right to me, but it'd be interesting to get data from other people as well.

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