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Hi r/OWU,

I'm here to share my progress on my road to masters in all roles. I've hit masters on the tank role after grinding just under 400 games over the past 1-2 months just in time for the new patch and I would love to share my experience along this journey.

Background: I've completed this personal challenge once before in Season 20 and have taken a break from Overwatch during the interim.

My SR Journey:

  • 3050 – S25 Placements
  • 3400 – S25 Peak – Climbed after picking up Sigma
  • 2700 – S25 Lowest – Crashed after one-tricking Ball to pick him up
  • 3150 – S26 Placements
  • 3510 – S26 Peak

My Hero Pool:

  • Zarya
  • Hog
  • Sigma (Picked up in S25)
  • Ball (Picked up in S25)

Key Takeaways along the way:

  1. My primary role as tank is make space and keep the rest of your team alive. It's better to keep a teammate alive and let the teammate get kills than let my teammate die and get the same kills.

  2. ELO Hell is very much real. My climb from 2700-3100 took twice as long as my climb from 3100-3500. This was due a very large percentage of games which were out of my control. From 2700-3100, around 80% of games were completely out of my control – Either we stomp or we get stomped. From 3100-3500, it was more like 40% of games which were straight up imbalanced. This is because of a lot of new players (Actually new and smurfs) are in the 2700-3100 range and can completely swing a game towards a win or a loss. The new player/smurf effect is very diminished in 3100-3500 since a lot less new players actually make it that high and most players learn how to counter smurfs once they are that high.

  3. My though process for picking a tank is

  • Start with the tanks I play: Zarya/Hog/Ball/Sigma

  • Eliminate tanks which don't synergize with my other tank/team (Eliminate Zarya/Sigma if the other tank is already playing Sigma)

  • Select one of the remaining tanks which best suits the map I am playing (Ball if it's a high ground dependent map and Hog if it's a flat map with good hook angles)

  • Counter swap if necessary (Swap back to Zarya if they are running Junkrat)

  1. The value of certain picks goes up drastically at higher ELOs. In my experience, wrecking ball's value is tremendously higher in Diamond/Masters compared to plat. This is due to the higher DPS target priority/followup leading to confirming kills on Slams/Boops.

  2. Comms are incredibly key for some heroes. As a wrecking ball, calling my engages is 50% of the value I generate. As a Zarya, calling my bubbles to push is 50% of the value I generate. It's possible to climb without comms but it's a significant handicap. Comms also gain value drastically at higher ELOs when people actually follow up on your comms.

  3. It's important to play with the right mentality. I always take a break after 2 consecutive losses to clear my mind. It's important to keep in mind that every game is still winnable. There were games which I won 5v6 and games I lost 6v4.

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I'm really glad to have completed my Road to Masters on the tank role just in time for the new patch to mix things up. It was a fun but arduous journey and I'm happy to be done with it.

My next milestone will be Road to Masters on the Support role. I'm really looking forward to playing Ana and Zenyatta after a very long time.

Please do post any questions you have below and I'll be glad to answer them.

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