Roster Overview and Discussion: Chengdu Hunters

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By this point, we’ve still got a few months to go until the start of the 2021 Overwatch League season. However, by now the majority of teams have a good portion of their roster locked in, so it’s now time to do what r/competitiveoverwatch does best: overly scrutinize things that we have no idea what we’re talking about.

The first team we’re going to look at is the Chengdu Hunters. Moreover, I’m going to push out threads for APAC teams first, since pretty much all the teams in this region have their rosters rounded out already.

The comments section is room for everyone to discuss what they think of this roster, their expectations, their concerns, etc.

Chengdu Hunters Departures:

  • Ating (Main Tank, left team)
  • Baconjack (Hitscan DPS, retired)
  • Kyo (Flex Support, demoted to academy team)
  • Lengsa (Main Support, demoted to academy team)
  • Molly (Flex Support, signed by Shanghai Dragons)

Chengdu Hunters Roster:

Main Tank:

  • Ameng
  • GA9A (Rookie out of Team CC)


  • Elsa
  • Lateyoung (Two-way)

Hitscan DPS:

  • Leave
  • Jimmy (Rookie out of Ultra Prime Academy)

Flex DPS:

  • Jinmu
  • Kaneki (Rookie out of Team Cat)

Flex Support:

  • Farway1987 (Rookie out of Team CC)

Main Support:

  • Nisha (Rookie out of Bilibili Gaming)
  • Yveltal (Two-way)

Personal Review:

There has never been a better year to be an all-Chinese Overwatch League team. This year has produced the most impressive class of Chinese rookies that’s probably ever been seen in the history of Overwatch Esports, led by the incredible dominance of Team CC in Chinese Contenders.

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It comes as no surprise that the Hunters picked up multiple players off of that Team CC roster. The most notable of these players in my opinion is GA9A. The Hunters have struggled for the last two years at the main tank position. Ameng is an incredible Wrecking Ball player, but his other main tanks are somewhat lacking, which has led to the Hunters forcing their Ball comps in unfavorable metas. Not only is GA9A incredibly proficient on all main tanks, he can play Ball at Ameng’s level.

The main concern for this roster definitely seems to be the Off-Tank position. Elsa and Lateyoung remain as the only two Off-Tanks on the roster, with the Hunters unable to acquire star Team CC Off-Tank LiGe, who was picked up by the Hangzhou Spark. In a stacked Off-Tank position, Elsa managed to stand out as one of the worst last year. GA9A will be pulling the most weight on this tankline.

Overall, I like the rest of this roster. I do have some concerns over an all-rookie starting support line, but Nisha and Farway1987 are both very promising prospects. Overall, this seems like the most well-rounded roster the Hunters have ever put together. Their new players are flexible. Chengdu should be able actually adapt through metas now, instead of forcing their own thing. Some additional coaching changes, notably the return of Head Coach RUI, should also further this.

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I predict Chengdu to finish between 5th-3rd in the APAC region. Overall I think that the other APAC teams have put together more impressive rosters, but Chengdu does have the potential to break into the upper echelons this season.


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