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Up next is one of the most interesting teams this year, the Dallas Fuel:

Dallas Fuel Departures:

  • Entire 2020 Roster excluding Doha (Gamsu, Note, Trill, Onigod, aKm, Closer, Crimzo, Paintbrush, uNKOE)

Notable Coaching Changes:

  • Interim Head Coach Yong returns to an Assistant Coach role
  • Former Paris Eternal Head Coach RUSH joins the Fuel as Head Coach
  • Former Paris Eternal Assistant Coach Aid joins the Fuel as an Assistant Coach

Dallas Fuel Roster:

Main Tank:

  • Fearless (Acquired via trade with Shanghai Dragons)


  • Hanbin (Acquired via trade with Paris Eternal)

Hitscan DPS:

  • Xzi (Acquired via trade with Paris Eternal)

Flex DPS:

  • Doha
  • SP9RK1E (Acquired via trade with Paris Eternal)

Flex Support:

  • Rapel (Formerly with Houston Outlaws)
  • Fielder (Formerly with Paris Eternal)

Main Support:

  • Jecse (Formerly with Houston Outlaws)

Personal Review:

The Fuel had one of the most electric and expensive offseasons in OWL history this year. Ditching their old mixed roster, the Fuel opted to go Full-Korean this year, buying out some of the league’s most sought-after talent in the process. The result is a dream-team of sorts made up almost entirely of former members of the legendary Korean Contenders team Element Mystic.

Starting off with the DPS, this team has some of best in the league. First up is Doha, the only remaining player from last year’s Fuel roster. Besides Decay, he was definitely their best player, and is easily one of the most flexible Projectile players in the league, able to play everything from Doomfist, to Mei, to Sombra at a high level. Backing him up is SP9RK1E, his former Hackfist duo partner from their Element Mystic days. SP9RK1E will most likely be relegated to a specialist role: his hero pool overlaps quite a bit with Doha’s, and the only heroes he’s better than him on are Doomfist, Genji, and arguably Pharah. If any form of Sombra+Projectile comes into the meta, this team will likely dominate. At Hitscan, they’ve picked up Xzi, who was an extremely dominant Hitscan last year. He’s incredibly deadly on Widow and McCree, as well as on Soldier who may see more relevance this season due to his rework. My only concern is his Ashe play. This always seemed to be the hero he performed most poorly on, typically either swapping off to play McCree or Widow or getting benched for SoOn. This is definitely something that needs to be worked on if Ashe continues to be relevant in the Hitscan meta.

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There has been one more notable question about this DPS lineup among fans: who’s going to play Tracer? None of their three players are known for Tracer play, and if she continues to be as meta-defining as she was last year, that could be a problem. I believe RUSH has said that SP9RK1E will likely take on Tracer duty, but will he be able to keep up with some of the insane Tracer players in NA, like Striker, Yaki, or Danteh?

Alongside the Justice, Shock, and Dragons, the Fuel are one of the top contenders for best Tankline in the league. Fearless had the comeback of a lifetime on the Dragons this year, and I was half expecting the league to invent a Comeback Player of the Year Award just so they could give it to him. He’s a solid performer on both Rein and Orisa, definitely upper tier on both of those but not the best. However, the difference maker is his Winston. I really don’t feel like I have to say much about it, whenever Winston in meta, expect the Fuel to dominate. Backing him up is Hanbin, a player who many feel was robbed of an MVP nomination last year. Hanbin is of the most well rounded Off-Tanks in the league, able to put up consistently top-tier performances on Dva, Sigma, and Zarya. These two together are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

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The Fuel round things out with a fairly solid set of Support players. First off, we finally get to Fielder unleashed. The Ping King shall be restrained no more. Fielder was able to perform incredibly well last season despite playing with a significant handicap compared to his teammates and opponents. Even if he was still playing on ping I would regard this as a high-quality signing, I just think he’s an incredibly talented player and I’m really excited to see how he does on Dallas. Next up, Rapel was signed to the Fuel off of the Houston Outlaws. I don’t hate this move. Rapel definitely had a down year compared to his rookie season on the Titans, but he’s not a bad player and will most likely just be brought in during double-Flex Support metas. Overall, I just like that they have a backup to work with. Finally, the Fuel picked up the other half of Houston’s support duo with Jecse. On an otherwise struggling Outlaws team, Jecse performed pretty well last year, though he did fall off a bit down the stretch. I think that falloff could be attributed to burnout, and with better coaching and an overall much better team around him, I expect Jecse to return to form.

Fate foretells that the Fuel shall be forever trapped in a cycle of torment and disappointment. Thankfully I’m not too superstitious, and I think this could finally be the end of the dreaded Dallas Fuel Cycle of MiseryTM. Unlike previous years, there are no gaping holes in the roster. This Fuel are loaded with talent, and they should at the bare-ass minimum bring home their first winning season. Right now I have the Fuel as the 3rd place team in NA, and realistically the lowest I see them finishing is 5th.

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