Roster Overview and Discussion: Hangzhou Spark

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Only two more teams left to cover in APAC. Let’s talk Hangzhou Spark.

Hangzhou Spark Departures:

  • Ria (Off-Tank, released, signed with Washington Justice)
  • BeBe (Flex Support, released, signed with Washington Justice)
  • Adora (Flex DPS, released)
  • Ado (Flex DPS, released)
  • SASIN (Off-Tank, released)
  • QoQ (Off-Tank, released)

Hangzhou Spark Roster:

Main Tank:

  • Guxue
  • Takoyaki (Rookie out of Team Diamond)


  • LiGe (Rookie out of Team CC)
  • BERNAR (Formerly with London Spitfire)

Hitscan DPS:

  • GodsB
  • Shy (Rookie out of Bilibili Gaming)

Flex DPS:

  • Architect
  • SeoMinSoo (Formerly with 2019 Vancouver Titans)

Flex Support:

  • ColdesT
  • MCD (Rookie out of Element Mystic)

Main Support:

  • M1ka
  • iDK

Personal Overview:

This undoubtedly looks like the second best on-paper roster in the APAC region, just behind the Shanghai Dragons. Hangzhou had a pretty mediocre season last year, but I think the additions they’ve made this offseason are big enough to give them that X-factor and push them back into the top tier.

This team has one of the most stacked tank lineups in the entire league. BERNAR was one of the most consistent bright spots on the otherwise abysmal 2020 London Spitfire, and LiGe was the top Off-Tank prospect coming out of Chinese contenders. At Main Tank, you’ve got the rookie Takoyaki, who’s not as big of name like Mag or MuZe, but has been touted by coaches as a prospect with very high potential. All of that is anchored down by the veteran Guxue, who had a bit of a down year but is still considered to be one of the better main tanks in the league. On top of that, he’s finally getting to play with LiGe, a Chinese Off-Tank, something he’s never been able to do during his time on the Spark. This team has an extremely impressive tank lineup, that could end up being the best in the region.

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The Spark have an interesting DPS lineup. First off, obligatory FUCK IT. SEOMINSOO. This team has two talented veterans at flex DPS with Architect and SeoMinSoo. I’m very excited to see SeoMinSoo finally make his grand return, as he’s a very talented player who shined on the 2019 Titans. Architect is also very solid. I have more concerns at Hitscan however. GodsB very much had a down year last year and Shy didn’t look fantastic during the Shanghai Masters tournament, which admittedly is all the footage I’ve really seen of him. To be fair though, as long as you have a team that is full of playmakers at other positions, IMO you can get away with an average level Hitscan, and I think the Spark fill that criteria.

Finally, an APAC team where I don’t have problems with the supports. Both M1ka and IDK are very capable Main Supports that should stack up nicely with the rest of the region. For Flex Support, it looks like we might finally see ColdesT get some playtime, something fans have been dying to see since the Spark picked him up last season. MCD is also a very capable rookie out of Element Mystic, and really I think whoever gets to start at this position will be an improvement over BeBe.

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Hangzhou definitely look like the best candidate to claim the No. 2 spot in APAC right now. Hangzhou is currently the only team in the league with a full 12 player roster, and it doesn’t really feel like any space is being wasted. Coaching will need to step up this year, but Hangzhou definitely started to look better last year once fAssistant Coach paJion, formerly the Head Coach of the Vancouver Titans, was promoted to Head Coach in July. With a full season to coach the Spark, I expect good things, and would not be surprised if they actually end up challenging Shanghai for the top spot in the region.


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