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Continuing these roster overviews and discussions, moving on to one of this year’s Grand Finalists, the Seoul Dynasty:

Seoul Dynasty Departures:

  • Illicit (Flex DPS, released)
  • Michelle (Off-Tank, released, signed by Toronto Defiant)
  • Bdosin (Flex Support, released)
  • Slime (Main Support, released, signed by Florida Mayhem)

Notable Coaching Changes:

  • General Manager Hocury leaves the team, joins the Washington Justice as a Personal Coach.

Seoul Dynasty Roster:

Main Tank:

  • Gesture


  • Marve1 (???)
  • Toyou

Hitscan DPS

  • FITS
  • Saebyeolbe (Formerly with New York Excelsior)

Flex DPS:

  • Profit

Flex Support:

  • Creative

Main Support:

  • Anamo (formerly with New York Excelsior)

Personal Review:

Despite finishing the season with a trip to the Grand Finals, the Dynasty by no means had a fantastic season, finishing the regular season 12-12 with a reputation for being insanely inconsistent. This is the origin for most of my concerns with this roster, as they seem to have made few changes, with those few changes coming in the form of fairly neutral trades.

The biggest problem last year for this team was the tanks. Gesture was fine for the most part, but the real problem was the Off-Tanks. Really it wasn’t so much the Off-Tanks as it was the coaching decisions on who to put on Off-Tank. After being pointlessly benched for the majority of the season, Michelle left the team and took a starting job with the Toronto Defiant. Now the Dynasty have promoted former two-way player Toyou, but still have Marve1 signed to the roster. Marve1 is a fantastic Sigma player, but in all other regards he should be a main tank player. Toyou pounded in contenders last year and looked good when he played for Seoul. Seoul has good players, but it’s going to come down to the coaching to get the most out of them.

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I don’t have any issues with this team’s DPS lineup. Profit and FITS were both two of the best players on this team last year, with FITS really coming alive towards the end of the year. The only question I have is how Saebyeolbe fits into this lineup. He’s always primarily played Tracer, and that’s one of Profit’s signature heroes. At the end of the day though, he’s still a capable backup and a good PR boost, so it’s not like it’s a problem.

Like a lot of teams in APAC, there’s once again questions for the Dynasty’s support line. Creative looked good during the playoffs, but I personally feel like it’s a bit extreme to get rid of a consistent veteran like Bdosin and make Creative the immediate full-time starter. Creative really only played Ana during the playoffs, and he played Zen a few times during the regular season and didn’t look too great. Moving over to Anamo, I don’t have as much concern over him. He’s a proven, consistent player, though I do fear that he does appear quite lackluster compared to several other aggressive Main Supports in the region, like LeeJaeGon, FunnyAstro, and Mandu.

Seoul looks very similar to last year. They have some good pieces, but I think it’s going to primarily come down to the coaching to get it to work. GM Hocury, a major subject of criticism in this team’s management, is now gone, which should give some optimism to Dynasty fans. If I’ve learned anything with Seoul though, it’s that trying to predict them is an utter nightmare. I’m gonna say that their APAC placement will be somewhere between 1st and 7th.

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