[Seabro] A KEY MISTAKE in low ranked gameplay and FIXING IT with the TALKING OUT LOUD method.

Positioning and Talking out loud

Hey guys! Seabro here! So i was recently doing a VOD review of a platinum Genji player and a bronze lucio/Ana player.



and noticed that they both has the same problem. It was also something I saw frequently from a dps when i was coaching a high plat team a few months back. And that is players playing in front of their main tank. It sounds really obvious when you phrase it like that, and most players, regardless of rank could point you to which heroes should be at the front of the team and which should be towards the back. But its something that I feel is extremely common in lower ranks.

A lot of the time, players don't think this is a problem because they do it infrequently. They might do it for only a few seconds every couple of fights. In the case of a diamond Genji player I was VOD reviewing several months ago, he had gotten into the habit of always jumping in front of his Reinhardt and deflecting with very little reasoning. The reason for this is, in my opinion, is because players want to be part of the action. Part of our brain wants to be doing stuff because Overwatch encourages a panicked, instinctual gameplay that coaches have to persuade their coachee's to get out of. In this case low/mid SR players see the area in front of the main tank as a juicy opportunity to get more damage output, get better sights of the enemy and get them big plays, and it takes a lot of getting used to in order to get a player in the mentality of doing what is safe, not what feels good.

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The fix to this is never simple, this is because it requires a change in attitude that lower level players often struggle with, especially if they aren't used to being coached in a sports or esports environment. When I see someone with a gold border in plat or below ask for coaching, I suspect that it is going to be hard to coach them because their habits are well ingrained and there is a good chance they lack the experience of being analysed by a coach (or indeed themselves).

I am a strong advocate for thinking out loud as a way to coach overwatch and I think it really helps improve positioning. Especially in dps roles where players often disregard positioning to a more chaotic runabout of random ideas of how they are going to get a 6k with their ultimate. The idea is simple, you describe what you are doing at any given time and your reasons for doing so. So it might sounds something like: "I am taking this off angle because it is in line of sights of my healers and gives me a good angle to pressure the enemy tanks". The more you talk like this in game, the more it makes you think about your gameplay, it stops you from autopiloting and it is actually a really good way of breaking down bad habits. The key with using talking out loud is to use it for something specific. In this case I would suggest only talking about why you are positioned where you are. If you try to think about too much at any one time, you will end up fixing nothing and just annoying your dog who is trying to sleep next to you.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you disagree or just wanna say hi, hit me up in the comments. If not, good luck with the climb or coaching or whatever you do in our great community! <3

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