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Hey guys! Today I thought I would talk about complexity in how Overwatch gamers view the game. I think this is important because I feel most players are stuck in tier 1 or 2, which means they don't really experience or understand the beautiful complexity of this game.

Tier 1: Hero specific

A lot of the overwatch community watch a significant amount of hero guides on YouTube. Admittedly, I have made a couple of these myself, and they can help tremendously with making players more competent at playing their hero. A lot of the community don't realise that the game of overwatch is significantly more complex. I would argue that staying in this level of complexity is equivalent to playing chess and knowing the rules for each piece but not the overwhelming strategy.

Tier 2: Team specific

At some point in an overwatch gamers life they realise that overwatch is a team game and the hero(s) that they are playing are but a small part of the jigsaw puzzle. They realise that the playstyle that they must adopt to be successful is dependent on the team composition. Reinhardt might be a brawly character, any

will tell you that, but if he is played in a spam based composition as an extra shield then a much more passive playstyle is required. If you are playing

, the way you play in a spam based composition is going to be very different to how you play in a dive based comp.

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Tier 3: Composition generic

As an Overwatch player's brain grows, they understand that they can get away with different things, depending on what the enemy team is running. You might be playing a spam based composition but the enemy has a better spam potential so you need to turn your attention to make different plays that give you the advantage. It's fairly obvious in other sports that how you play is dependent on how the enemy plays. Imagine you are in a game of football (the proper English version where you use your feet). The opposition all huddle to the left of the pitch. It doesn't matter if your left wing player is gods gift to the game, you are going to move the ball to the right for an easy goal. Although its often missed by low to mid ranked players, if the enemy comp clearly aren't able to peel for their healers, then take advantage of that. If the enemy has no main shield then play a hero and playstyle that can punish that.

Tier 4: Win Conditions

This is quite a big jump from the previous tier. You need to start thinking about Win conditions and ultimates. Your playstyle should be dependent on both teams plan. Often players somewhat do this by predicting that the enemy will use a combo like grav dragons or shatter bomb, but it can get much more complicated. The enemy team might be trying to build up the first ultimate to win the neutral fight so feeding all of their healing to their Baptiste. If you spot that this is the enemy teams plan then you might do less damage to the enemy. This level of complexity is often present in ladder but only truly gets developed in team play.

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Tier 5: Coaches and Intelligent players

Listen to any coach for more than 5 minutes and they will mention about how they want their team to be intelligent players. They want their team to have the knowledge of a coach and be able to quickly access that knowledge in game. This tier is about being able to adapt to unforeseen situations and is more about problem solving than it is about overwatch. Its only when you have a truly large understanding of the game that you can adapt and make the best plays possible no matter what the enemy throws at you. Even in Overwatch league we see teams that react badly to the unpredictable and teams like Shock who after half a round have found all of your secrets and know how to counter you.


Overwatch is such a beautiful game, but because it is majority viewed from first person, we often don't see the complexity in the same way everyone sees chess. In many ways Overwatch is significantly more complicated than chess but it isn't seen with the same strategic eye (by players at least). I think the entire community would improve massively if they stopped viewing overwatch as a single player game and more as a complicated eco system of considerations.

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Hope you enjoyed this article.

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