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Hi guys! its Seabro here <3 Today I'm going to talk about how to play Reinhardt. This guide will be split into 3 parts. First I will talk about the general playstyle of Reinhardt, then i will talk about some Reinhardt tips and then i will finish of by talking about common mistakes. If you don't want to read this all then there is a video version on my YouTube channel. Check it out here:


Reinhardt is an aggressive brawly tank who wants nothing more than to swing into tightly packed areas. He loves closed indoor areas and situations where the enemy has no choice but to get swung around by his massive hammer. In general the more aggressively you are able to play as Reinhardt, the more value you get out of his kit, that obviously doesn't mean feed your brains out as you tape down the w key, but definitely don't be afraid to press that w button as much as the enemy team will let you. Your shield is there to protect your team, and you when you are low but the emphasis should be on your team. If you constantly look back and review your games and notice that you are only ever shielding yourself then this is a serious error that will have a big impact on your games. It is for this reason it is vital you make the most out of your shield, for advice on shield management watch this video:

Because of how Reinhardt should be played, he is often used in brawl based compositions with heroes like Zarya, Reaper, Mei and Symmetra. He is also usually played with a Lucio, especially on attack, since the speed allows him to get to that juicy close range a lot quicker. Sometimes he is also played in other compositions when your team can force a fight to take place in a specific area or in very closed maps. For example when defending Lijiang night market, you can force the fight to take place on point or a map like Hanamura where you know what chokes the fight will take place on.

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Now lets talk about Reinhardt tips.

Baiting shatter

You can bait a shatter by swinging your hammer and rising your shield up again. As long as you cancel the swing as you make contact with the enemy, you should have enough time to get a hit in and bait an enemy rein slam

Slams and Earthshatters

During a Reinhardt firestrike animation, there is enough time to get a big and juicy slam of. For this reason you shouldn't firestrike when you think the enemy rein who is standing 2m in front of you has ultimate ability ready and raring to go. But it does mean if the enemy starts firestriking then you can time a nice slam during their animation. If Reinhardt's hammer comes from underneath, you know he is about to firestrike, if it comes from the side, he is swinging, if it comes from above he is earthshattering.


Holding jump at the end of his charge animation will make him get further with his charge.

Moving your camera

Move your camera whilst swinging will allow you to hit more targets.

Being predictable

Do not charge or slam straight after blocking a shatter, it is sooo predictable.

Counter charge

Its normally a good idea to counter charge a charging enemy reinhardt. Counter charging as late as possible will ensure the enemy rein is closer to your team and more likely to die.

Shield hopping.

Jump forward and put your shield up when you are in the air. This is known as shield hopping and it will drastically decrease the amount of damage your shield takes, and it is soo much faster than just holding your shield up all game.

After an earthshatter

After you slam, you usually dont want to charge the knocked down targets. This is because it will boop all the enemies away from your team. If the enemies are close enough, Its normally better to just swing and firestrike.

Firestriking spawn doors

Before every round, firestriking the spawn doors will give you juicy ult charge. Sometimes you can get 20% to ult literally before the enemy leaves their spawn.

Animation cancels

You can animation cancel a swing with firestrike

360 Camera

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Use your shields 360 degree camera to check that your team is in position before engaging. this will avoid that awkward moment where your coward of a teammates are sitting back chilling in spawn when you are expecting them to have your back.

Blocking flashbangs

Aiming your shield up slightly will allow you to block an enemy mccrees flash bang over the top of your shield shield.


Use your 360 degree camera angle to surprise shatter.

High sensitivity gamers

Increase your sensitivity. When playing reinhardt, the faster you can spin around, the more enemies you can hit and the faster you can react. Reinhardt definitely favors high sensitivity gammers.

Clever earthshatters

Earth shatters can travel up stairs goes through some weird objects. For more infomation, watch this video.

Now lets talk about common mistakes.

Common Mistakes

Common mistake number 1: Playing brawl reinhardt when you shouldnt.

As I said earlier, you should play as aggressively as the enemy team allows you to. If you are playing Reinhardt in a somewhat spammy composition against a Reinhardt in a really brawly composition. Then playing ultra aggressively and trying to close the gap actually really works in the enemy teams favour.

Common mistake number 2: charging, slamming or firestriking whilst on low HP. All of these abilities make you vulnerable. Its not too hard to even see Overwatch league players making this mistake and thats because its a really natural thing to do. You are about to die and your mind goes F** THIS SH*** lets try and take the enemy out with me. But in reality holding your shield up for 1 second more will probably give your healers a chance to save you.

Common mistake number 3: Taking to much spam to your shield. Shield management is one of those things that you can always improve on. Taking damage to your shield is really bad because it will leave you defenceless later. By only blocking important life threatening damage not only will you have more shield HP when you really need it but your healers will get more ult charge.

Common mistake number 4: dropping shield against Widowmakers. Shield hopping, firestriking and letting the enemy damage your health are all good things but if the enemy has a Widowmaker then they can very quickly become you throwing the fight. Good widow makers will take advantage of the half a second u drop your shield so by not hard shielding you might as well be throwing every fight as your defenceless zen gets picked at the beginning of every fight.

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Common mistake number 5: Playing too safe. Improving as Reinhardt and climbing as Reinhardt requires you to make big brain plays. Reinhardt isn't a dps, you cant just carry fights by clicking on heads, to be the best Reinhardt you can be, you need to learn what sh** you can get away with and what is just feeding. Don't be scared to practice flank shatters or unpredictable charge spots, anything that you can learn that is unpredictable will give you the edge over safe Reinhardts who just stand there with their shield playing like a bot.

Thanks for reading. If you disagree with anything or think i have missed anything, then let me know. Good luck climbing and I love you all <3

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