Shotcalling skills help please.

Content of the article: "Shotcalling skills help please."

Hi. Im a healer main and I understand shotcalling is a skill itself. Im have been trying to get better at it. I would love to learn more from you guys and share it with other people. These are the little things ive picked up here. Please add more. Thanks.

Thus is when i play Lucio or Bap, wallride / super jump and have a good view of battlefield.

  • Give SIMPLE statements instead of a sentence Example "Focus. Lucio" or "push" or "Ren. Shield. For. Heal" ++ Its one clear word of "P U S H" rather than the " p p pus sh push psuh push". The latter doesnt work and annoy people.
  • Do NOT use panic tone, fast hype-up loud obnoxious voice. They have mute buttons.

  • give USEFUL info (not all of it) ++Ex. "Hold. We 5v6 now. Wait" (use these seconds to callout OUR Ult combo, or avoid Their Ult combo) ++"No more ult" (after we won a team fight) ++"Save ult. Fall back" (after we lost a team fight, this stop teammates using ult in panic) ++"Reaper top about to spin" (or any incoming ult) ++"Hold eats for grav" "Grav coming" ++"hold stun for reaper spin (or whole hog, any ults that can be stunned) " ++ "Shatter coming. Save shield"

  • after a team fight, win or lose I recount ult they use and expect what come next then let my team know.

  • when youre respawning and your team is fighting, either watch the killcam to check enemys Ult charge, or watch teams cam to call out if someone needs help. Or you might see some ults coming (either to avoid theirs, or combo ours). Dont speak nonsense or yelling whining. It doesnt help, if anything it hurts more by distracting teammates

  • use CALM voice. Dont do the panic high squeaking voice, thinking it will rush people, no man, relax your teammates get them thru the fight.

  • dont just announce all and everydeath. They can check killfeed. Only announce death (or cooldown) that matters like "Dva no mech. Good to Grav", "sigma no eat. Good to Grav", "no shield. Good to Shatter" Or your team expect enemys EMP, but she got killed mid-fight, its ok to let your team know "their EMP down, ok2 PUSH"

  • also listen to other teammates when they do talk. Dont just overtalk the whole team and narrate the whole game

  • it is usually acceptable to ask people to do things within their characters skill arsenal ++ "Mei wall up please" ++ "Tanks shield" ++ "Zar you got bubble for Rein charge?" ++ "symm can u tele spawn? ". Please be considerate and nice in your tone.

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These are IMHO and I still have a lot to learn. hope to see more

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