Should I keep doing Overwatch coaching?

Hello r/Overwatchuniversity

I guess I'd like to hear you guys's thoughts on this matter. I've been around this sub for a long time, have written several guides on here. A month or two ago, I even decided to do a couple of vod reviews. I think, in total, I did around 10 or so vod reviews, ranging in length between about 40min and an hour and a half (I never really planned the time, just kind of went for it until it was finished).

I really enjoyed it, and I got very positive feedback from people regarding those vod reviews. But I guess my confidence fell, and I stopped doing it

One guy in particular liked my vod review so much, he came back for a second a few weeks after the first, which I happily did. I do really enjoy doing it, and he insists I helped him a lot

But yeah. I can't help feeling like I'm better off just not doing it…

There are a lot better coaches out there. There's that user on this sub who has been doing daily vod reviews, the former contenders coach. I can't help looking at that and just feeling like a fraud. I don't have anything like that

The highest rank I've ever been was diamond, and even that didn't last too long. When I play, I tend to get impatient or greedy… I know my mistakes, but when I'm in the moment, I will often sacrifice myself to get a juicy pick, even when it's not the right call. I also just don't play enough ranked.

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I watch a lot of Overwatch content, but when it comes to actually playing it, I only really play ranked when I'm feeling good, which really isn't nearly often enough, to be completely honest. Advice I often give to people wanting to rank up is "play the game a lot. You're not going to rank up if you only play a couple of games a season", yet that's pretty much what I end up doing… Usually I just play a bunch of quick play, arcade and custom games

I feel my game knowledge is very good, hence why I even decided to start doing vod reviews. I know a lot about the game, definitely more than most people. It makes me excited when I can share this knowledge…

I realize this has turned a bit into a rant. Just really wanted to bring my position across

So yeah. I just don't know where to go from here. I want to do more, but I feel like I'm not good enough. There are other people doing the same thing, and I feel like they're probably better than me at it. Whenever I see a thread on this sub with someone asking for a vod review, and someone else has already replied, it just feels pointless for me to do the same. It's gotten to the point where, even if nobody else has given them a vod review yet, I feel it'd still be better for them to wait for someone else to do it, than for me to do it.

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Thanks for reading this mess, and please let me know what you guys think.

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