Should I stop focusing on healing and focus on damage instead?

Content of the article: "Should I stop focusing on healing and focus on damage instead?"

I consider myself to be one of those “healbot” players aka. a support that primarily focuses on healing, and only deals damage if I have to defend myself (or my other support, but even then I mostly focus on healing them) or if I see the opportunity (for e.g. an anti-nade or really low HP Phara).

Recently, I started dropping like a rock (currently low Gold, dangerously close to Silver), even though I didn’t actually change anything in my playstyle, but my teammates seem to be melting so much faster these days (especially tanks) and I simply cannot heal them enough. For example, I’m really trying to get more use of DMG boost on Mercy so I try, as much as I can, to boost my histcans/Echo/Phara, but a lot of the time I don’t have the “luxury” of DMG boosting because I simply need to heal almost non-stop (I even had games on Ana where simply stoping to reload means that my teammate dies, yes, even tanks who are almost impossible for me to miss).

The only conclusion that I’m getting at is that simply healing isn’t enough and that trying to outheal somebodies mistakes (instert “shift off cooldown Reins here”, but overextending Hogs are another great candidate) is simply not making me win games anymore.

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One thing that I did notice is the speed at which my tanks are being melted with discord, and the frequency at which people are straight up being deleted by Zen’s right click (because who takes cover these days?)

So, I was thinking – should I straight up ditch “big” healers and go Zen myself? I do like playing him, but it has been such a long time since I seriously played him in competitive. One big problem is that, if I go Zen, I can kiss my frontilne goodbye – I can count on my Rein being basically permadead if they play as damagespongy as they tend to play (if I’m not Ana who is constantly healing them).

I don’t know, it seems a bit too selfish to play like that, but then again, me being a healbot is simply not winning me games anymore – maybe playing something more aggressive and if I, as they say, „git gud“, and can kill the enemies before they kill my frontline, I can finally stop dropping.

I’m really split on this. Should I just go play DPS instead?

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