Sick of being stuck in low plat

Content of the article: "Sick of being stuck in low plat"

I have about 1,000 hours in this game mostly as tank and support. Season 1 I was 73, then usually mid to high diamond with 4 seasons peaking in low masters. I haven't played a ton until this season but I cannot figure out how to play DPS. I think I am quite good at hit scan. I am diamond in valorant and I use aim trainers to keep my aim consistent. I cannot get out of the 2500 range in this game after ~250 games.

I feel like most DPS players I am either massively out performing mechanically or I am getting completely stomped by the one border/no border player that just solos the game. I am at a complete loss of how to improve, as tank it was fairly obvious. I make space and stay alive as long as possible while doing it. As a DPS I have no clue what to focus on. I never know what do be doing in the middle of a team fight. I play Soldier, McCree and Ashe and I typically try to ignore their tanks unless one of out of position like a rein or roadhog that I can flashbang to maybe get a kill.

Outside of that I try to flank or if they have a super aggressive dive I mostly try and play against that I lost the vast majority of battles against Genji so I probably just am hard throwing those games. I have no clue how to flash bang the genjis that ult and stay high in the air, they seem to know how to stay within the minimum range of flashbang while also staying above the ground.

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Mostly I am just incredibly frustrated by the number of games that are solo carried by a single star or no star player that "definitely not a smruf lol". Basically 2/3rds of games come down to which team has the good smurfs and which have the bad smurfs. So my real question is, how do I play against diamond/masters smurfs in my games? The widow that solo carries, the genji that can get an ult every single fight, the soldier that is always harassing the flanks and running away with a pick, the hanzo that gets 3 headshots in 5 shots, the roadhog that is in the backline casually picking off everyone and your team refuses to respond to, that sort of thing.

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