Sigma Masters: How can I one day become as good as you?

So I really love playing Sigma. The damage, the flexibility, the ult-denies… are all things I really like! It's kind of a shame that he is not that mobile at all, but everything has to have its downsides I guess.

To the matter at hand, I want to specify my question: While being offensive as Sigma is not a big problem for me (although I gotta keep working on that too of course), my main concern is the defensive part, especially juggling offense with defense. Being able to manage my shield while protecting my team is quite difficult to handle. Actually forget that. It's not just my shield, its my cooldowns in general.
So when I am paired with a very engaging e.g. Reinhardt I feel like I flourish the most, as I can take space very aggressively too and do alot of damage. Thing is: I feel like sometimes, that my teammates die because of me due to my lack of defensive action. Mostly it's not because I forget it, I just have the feeling that my abilities are on cooldown when I need them. I even tried conserving all my abilities exept primary fire, relying on natural cover for the most part so I am prepared to react accordingly. Well that does not go too well either… Either my reactions are too slow, my predictions are bad or I totally miss my rocks haha xP. Another thing is my positioning: I try to get to highground as often as possible, but it mostly just comes down to the phase before the fight, since I take too much time to get there, so I mostly get owned by flying heroes such as Pharah and do not find highground anymore. At last: My Ult. Oh boy, do I not know how to prepare that and when to use it. I try to get my shield up first, so I won#t get shut down, but then I feel like I am in a bad position to hit my targets in the air.

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How can you train to be more defensive while keeping up damage? What are the priorities of a Sigma? When should I conserve and use my abilities? How do I most effectively deploy my shield? What's the right time for my Ult?

You see, finding replays by Sigma players, that are actually educational for me is kinda hard, since a lot of them are before the patch of the shield nerf. I remember watching a pro Sigma from 2019 just deploying and retrieving the barrier at will and when I try to do that ingame I forget the cooldown and fail at placing my barrier 😀 (;_;).

This is a replay of mine where I do not care for damage and try to be defensive. I'm not sure, but I really feel like I didn't contribute as much in this match and I would like to know what I could have done better "principle" wise aka in my mindset, since I cannot enhance my reaction and skill in a short time span. It's just a low level bronze quickplay, I know, but I would be thankful for any review I can get.

To add something regarding my lack of quick reaction: I have tried out the Sigma reaction workshop by Seita (J7CX7) for a few days now to get better at reacting and I think its really, really hard. It would take me a few months to be able to reach Level 4, so is it still worthwhile using it? I already really struggle at Level 0 e.g. failing at blocking 40% of the Rein-Shatters. And are there any more Sigma related workshops I should try out?

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Sidenote: Sigma is probably the most difficult hero in the game and I am just a level 30 beginner. OK, I get it. But let me say that I enjoy playing him alot and do want to keep on doing so even if it may prove as a massive challenge. I am not anywhere near to the point where his playstyle frustrates me. So when it comes to "better try some other tank" I will acknowledge that comment, but I will definitely not stop playing him.


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