Sigma’s nerf absolutely sucks. Opinions?

Content of the article: "Sigma’s nerf absolutely sucks. Opinions?"

Sooo, I main sigma. And i feel like this nerf went from making him a bit weaker, to actually making him a much less fun and interesting character. And i wanna hear other people’s opinions.

Starting off, i feel like i should say that from what i can tell, the people who DO have a problem with sigma (which dont seem to be too many), usually complain about his damage and not his shield. So maybe a nerf to his orbs or rock might make more sense from what the community wants. Meaning this patch, if they want to make him weaker, takes it in the wrong direction by nerfing the wrong thing. I’ll even admit sometimes hitting someone with rock just guarantees death.

I also believe that Sigma’s biggest gimmick, the one that makes him the type of character he IS, is his shield movement. They made even made his shield weaker in a patch because of his ability to move it so quickly. I feel like this patch takes away Sigma’s main gimmick. And their reasoning was “making sigma players commit more to where they place their shields”, but thats just what Orisa does. Sigma is meant to have more movement, and they even agreed with that by nerfing his shield’s strength. If they wanted to maybe make it 1.5 instead of 1 then that might be ok, but all that waiting feels so slow for a character who’s supposed to be able to move his shield quickly.

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Overall, I think this patch would just kind of show that they really just want Rein to have the only good shield. After all his buffs and the nerfs to other shields, they really just want him to be meta, which he already was. They dont have to ruin the other shields or buff his hammer to get him to be good.

Tldr: Sigma’s main gimmick is mobile shield and theyre trying to go back on it. At this point with sigmas combined nerfs, theyve made it so his shield takes longer to put back up, and will last much shorter in a given place.

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