Silver Tank Players. There are 3 paths to the objective.

Content of the article: "Silver Tank Players. There are 3 paths to the objective."

Hey Silver Tank Players. Let me see the scene for you. Its 99% to 0% on King of the Hill.You won the first fight and haven't left point since. Both teams burned all available ults while the enemy team was able to cap the point in the final fight,. Team morale just took a hit. You say “No big deal, we only need a tic.” What do you do? You push that W key, straight up the middle. You want to win that tank war, you got two main heals behind you. Two DPS who have been hitting their shots. Easy retake. So you keep press that W key straight into the enemy. A shorter fight ensues and you lose. 99% to 37%. No worries you have ults now. Just press Q we got this, no way they have ults. So what do you do? You press W straight into the enemy team again. NO WAY you can lose this fight. Your players press Q, all at once! Yet, you lose the fight. Its now 99% to 75%. Your team is panicking. You are in last fight territory. What do you do? You press W straight into the enemy. You have to win this fight. What happens? You don't even touch point. You lost. Full comeback by the enemy team. GG EZ flying in the chat.
Lets break down the stages of a loss from a tank player.
More Denial
You know what's missing from the stages? Self evaluation. Can anyone spot what is the same in each one of these attacks? You took the path straight up the middle each time. You walked right into the enemy defenses. You lost the fight, they are able to set up there defense. Why are you walking right into it? You want to make the enemy team at a bare minimum have to rotate. If you watch basketball, when the team with the ball is coming up court. The defensive team is set up for what they anticipate coming. Do you think Lebron James is just going to run straight through the defense each time and get to the basket? Sure, he might get it once or twice a game, but he is going to try and make the team rotate and mess up.
As a tank that's what you have to do. You have to force the other team to adjust to your position and then hold that space. If you keep walking into where they are set up, you are not going to take any space. You are just going to walk in, die and then repeat the process till it's game over.
There are three paths for each objective; Left, Center, Right. And 90% of the time people take the same path.

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Anubis, everyone goes into that tiny room on the left just tries to battering ram there way through the enemy defense that is set up there. You could lucio speed boost down the street and force the team to have to turn around or come to you.

Volksaya, everyone takes the the tiny center path to the right of the truck and just tries to battering ram there way through. You can speed boost to the left of the truck and use natural cover to appear on high ground, behind the enemy. You don't even need speed boost to do it, you can do it with a double shield and block the enemy spam damage.

Blizzard World, run it down main street, forget the highground to your right. Or the ability to get behind the enemy. Usually the defense is set up in the bottom left corner. You can walk straight to the right and use natural cover to get into a position to attack.|

Watchpoint, lets all just stand on point down the middle till the enemy team comes down and pushes us off cart. You can literally go up to the high ground and take it from the enemy.

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