So, I think I finally fully adapted my Playstyle for Mercy

Everything changed when I started viewing the game as hide and seek. I basically kept my muscle memory but through my instincts out the window and consciously tried to alter the way I play. Used to I would be really hard on myself and always beat myself up about my performance to the point where I started going for high risk rez's where I knew going in that I could get it but I would die in the process. Not anymore, now I only use rez if im sure beyond a reasonable doubt that I would walk out of there with them, unless its a win condition (meaning id probably still trade my life if the other support is competent and we needed a massive ult like bomb or we lose, then id rez Dva as long as I am confident that I can pull it off, whether I die or not doesn't matter at that point). I also used to be a full "mama bear" mercy and charge headfirst into the enemy team if anyone was dying in order to heal. Now ive realized that Mercy is a double edged sword: while she does decide who lives, its equally important to decide who dies. So i don't charge in anymore unless I have a spacemaking ult in play like bomb or dragons. And ive began teaching myself to learn when to cut my ties and run. The best way to get value really is to stay alive, and unfortunately more often than not if your down 2 or more, unless you can instantly get a pick to even it, its best to just run and hope the person you're healing follows, if not, well some casualties are always unavoidable in team fights. Another thing is ive stopped waiting for a perfect chance to Valk, I now use it as a tool for clean up duty, safe rez's, getting to a fight quicker, and sometimes just to escape fatal circumstances.

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After doing that, i had what I can reasonably say is the first game in which ive legitimately carried the team (mostly). Lijang tower, 6 minutes, 10.5k heals, 1 death, 7 rez's. I literally only died at the end (literally didnt even have time to respawn before we won) tracer had enough and just tunnel visioned on me. Probably my best performance ever. It was amazing.


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