Some of Fleta’s comments from his stream

Fleta had finally streamed on his Twitch channel. It's been over a year since his last Twitch stream. These are some of his comments in no particular order.

  1. I haven't played OW after the season end. (Q. why can't we see you in ranked recently?) Well, I guess it's because I am not playing. I won't be playing much OW since the league is going to be changed to OW2. I am just staying home and do nothing really. I occasionally play LoL and APEX Legends these days.
  2. I don't know much about OW2. I think the concept of making and taking space will change due to there being only one tank in OW2. It's going to be a DPS meta I reckon.
  3. Will get vaccinated soon. (Q. are you emotionless even when you are getting an injection?) You don't scream when you are getting shot do you? Aren't most people just cool when getting it? (FYI, it seems SHD players weren't able to get vaccinated because they were abroad in China)
  4. I gave up on running an icecream shop. I have thought about it for my after retirement plan because I have no other experience outside of gaming but that seems to have its own hardship as well so it's no longer a thing.
  5. My sister is two years older than me. I'm close to my sister. (FYI, it is known that Fleta hasn't had a single fight with his sister which is very very hard to believe)
  6. How do I feel about winning the league? Well… It's just everyone did really well. That's it.
  7. APEX Legends rank: Gold 2, APEX Legends sensitivity: 2.7 (FYI, DPI 800)
  8. League of Legends rank: Platinum 2 (FYI, he was Diamond 4 at the start of this year)
  9. I talk a lot these days. Being around with people changes you.
  10. My aiming is not good. (What?!) I am not very good at games like Valorant and APEX Legends.
  11. I saw the clip me saying "I F-ing carried". But it was true.
  12. I have been angry but wasn't mad. (FYI, SHD players were going under a project making Fleta angry, to test if he has emotions and to what extent he can hold his anger…)
  13. I can't stand chatting in League of Legends. (FYI, Fleta is known for not chatting in OW no matter what troll he goes through) (Q. have you ever insulted someone's parents in LoL?) Of course not. You get banned by doing it.
  14. (Q. Do you like watching LoL cinematic?) I love it. I have watched all of them.
  15. Started LoL back in 2012.
  16. I still like football (yeah, "soccer" for some of you) but I haven't payed much attention to it recently.
  17. I will be playing pro next year as well if nothing changes dramatically. I have gave many thoughts whether to continue my pro career or to retire but it seems I will be going on.
  18. I wasn't nervous in PO and GF. Only before the match against SF was I kind of nervous, but I wasn't shaking or nervous in other matches. The games were not that close that my heart was overwhelmed or tears came out my eyes.
  19. (Q. what are you going to do off season?) I am going to enjoy it. We have to sprint of we get into the season.
  20. When I log into LoL, Fits sends me messages like "hi oppa". So I tell him stuffs like "it's not the time for you to be playing this. Just go and play OW."
  21. Lip virtually plays OW only.
  22. Watched Squid Game on the plane.
  23. I usually go mid lane and sup. But I haven't played the game for long and became bad at it so I just don't care and just have fun.
  24. I can stream again.

I have no faith in Fleta saying he will be broadcasting again, but we'll see LOL. 🙂


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