Some possible teams to play at The Shock VS The World

Content of the article: "Some possible teams to play at The Shock VS The World"

Since the event is coming in just over a month, I decided to compile a list of possible teams shock could play against, in order of decreasing likelihood

Former Shock – Nomy,Nevix,Babybay,Sinatraa,Sleepy, Dhak

This team is confirmed to have sleepy in it as he was talking about it on stream. If Babybay doesn't want to play ow danteh could step in.

Season 1 London – Gesture,Fury,Birding,Profit,Bdosin,Nus

The only other champions of OWL, makes sense and could lead to one of the closer matches of the event. If Nus bails Closer can play instead.

Season 1 – 2 NYXL Mano,Meko,Pine,SBB,Jjonak,Ark

Since most of this team is still in the ow community in general it makes as they were very successful

Runaway – Bumper, Jjanu,Stich,Haksal,Twilight,Slime

Vancouver v shock was an amazing rivalry so it makes sense to bring it back. Only issue is if Bumper wants to play.

Lunatic Hai – Miro,Zunba,Esca,Whoru,RJH,Tobi

The Apex team that won two titles, honestly don't know what esca is doing ( military?)

Streamer team – Flats,Emong,Jay3,Chipsa,Fran,Eskay

Since they talked about stream talent this type of team is inevitable. Not much to say

Envyus/Dallas – Xqc,Mickie,AKM,Seagull,Unkoe,Custa

This type of team is unlikely. However Envyus did win apex, also this gives blizzard an excuse to put xqc on a team which gives them an astronomic boost to viewership of the whole event. Food for thought.

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OWL broadcast – Reinforce,Uber,Bren,Jake,Custa,Soe

Honestly the trash talk alone would make this the marquee matchup of the event. The casters getting gigarolled while avast commentates would be comedy gold.

Team CC – Ga9a,Lige,Diya,Innovation,1987,Superrich

This is possibly the best contenders team ever and would probably be the best game of the night, as well as one final big match for Diya. I put this as the least likely as OWL always seem to fumble ways to show off t2

Thats all the teams I could think up, add to the discussion in the comments, and thanks for reading this far down 🙃

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