Something about T1w and Valiant as an informed person

After I spoke to Zihee, a few of T1w's avid fans, and Molanran, a few of my observations.

-T1w has not "taken over" Valiant as Halo or other rumors suggest, there are only two people in the so-called "management" of T1w, one is head coach Jumpcat, who is injured, and the other is Cola, who I think is basically unlikely to have anything to do with the OWL team unless he wins eight consecutive $10 million lottery tickets. T1w is a small team that can hardly even pay salaries, so I personally think it's possible that Valiant's new owners recruited Jumpcat rather than the rumored management.

-T1w's Main Support, Zihee (now retired), said he had no news that Valiant had signed a T1w player, while Molanran said that he had sent his CV to New Valiant but they hadn't replied yet and he hadn't attended the trial.

-Highbee is clearly underrated, as a big CN Contenders viewer, he was as good as LiGe when Team CC met T1w and even had higher stats at times, while Molanran, who had an impressive hero pool as a Flex Dps, much like Erster or Profit in season 2 – wasn't overrated and he did well in helping FG (who had largely disbanded by then) into Gauntlet.

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-Regardless of the final result, these players should not be blamed, it is the IGC who should be blamed, they were just looking for a chance.

-Diya and Superrich are still seeking a chance to the new Valiant, Frankly, I don't think Krystal is likely to return to League again.

-T1w was an underrated team, yes, they were 4-0 by Runaway at the time, but the name of the team that that Runaway later formed is better known than T1w: the Vancouver Titans. And during the 2020 season, when the jumping cats were hospitalized and the players sometimes couldn't even afford to eat (I'm not kidding, the only person who cooked for the players at the time was a female nanny and she didn't get paid for a long time and was cooking for them, so if the nanny took time off, then they had nothing to eat), the Chinese fans didn't care if they won or lost, after all, these guys had struggled for too long with Contenders and just hope they get paid (even if it's a base salary, it's still tens of times higher than their previous salary)

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