Spark Supervisor Xiaogui explains the Internet Issues during PHI vs HZS Match earlier and GodsB’s posts (My personal translation)

Xiaogui's Original Post on Weibo below is my personal translation of what he said in the post.
Firstly, allow me to apologize to everyone who looked forward to HZS playing: regardless of the causes, or whatever the factors, our match performance today was terrible, and even if we had some luck to win, it would be just as terrible.

"Trying our best to readjust ourselves" is all we can do, but some things do require time and effort to make a difference, so I wish there are still people who have hope in us.

The important thing to say in this post though is about the internet issue, so I'll go straight to that:

  1. Both HZS and the OWL highly value the internet specs and stability required for online matches, and with all reasonable efforts, we have double, triple checked to ensure their reliability, still our internet just went boom right on the match day, that's a shame on our internet solution.

  2. The League have provided an abundance of time and effort to help us to solve those issues, so much so that I even felt embarrassed taking advantage of them. The reason our player made those comments post-match was because our translators created misunderstandings under the stressful, chaotic situation. Since the match is a live show for all the viewers, of course the organizer would want to have an accurate understanding of what caused the delay and ETA to solve those issues. During this communication process, our translators' expressions made our players mistook it as they were being pushed, and their not-fully-informed comments led to misunderstandings in the community. I hope I can make this clear: even in that stressful situation, the organizer DID NOT force the players to return to the game within limited time.

  3. Takoyaki's internet also went boom for unknown reasons right on this day on the repeatedly checked internet; he is currently based in South Korea though.

  4. Even if our internet were smooth, I personally think we would most likely have lost anyway, so the internet is not the cause of why we lost.

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Now there are obvious issues within our team, we have all the reasons to solve them; We will take actions to fix them, and we won't just sit there, do nothing, and talk formal nonsense with you all.

I would have so much more to explain had I been the commentator I was, but now I realized I am the Supervisor, so please criticize me as you wish! I deserve them, but I want to make it clear that the OWL is innocent during this internet outage issue.


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