Spark Talks – 2021 Roster Confirmed!

Content of the article: "Spark Talks – 2021 Roster Confirmed!"

Spark just posted a 6 minute video on

and Twitter with Supervisor Xiaogui talking about the 2021 roster building process.

Some of the more interesting bits :

  • New roster-building strategy with a focus on trust and synergy, and whether players get along with one another outside of matches.

  • This is apparently why they have signed more Chinese players for 2021.

  • He thanks Bilibili for providing sufficient budget to build the roster, .

  • LiGe shined in Chinese Contenders, and was selected because he is consistent and doesn't try to solo carry. The coaches can rely on him to complete tasks for teamwork strategies. He can also communicate with Guxue in Chinese, and they hope to build synergy between them both in and out of the game.

  • MCD was selected not just for his mechanical skill, but also for his strong game sense & communication skills, and will be team shot caller.

  • Takoyaki lacks deep competitive experience but has talent. He gives "room for imagination" for hero selection . Also, him being Korean will "bring lots of benefits", but there is no elaboration on what those would be.

  • Bernar was selected for being incredibly skilled and because he performed well in their trials. He makes excellent plays even when the team is at a disadvantage.

  • SeoMinSoo has a deeper hero pool than people realize, has good game sense, and excels at using ability-based heroes .

  • Shy recently turned 18 and Supervisor Xiaogui has worked with him since the 2018 OWWC. He's young and has excellent talent, so coaches would normally worry about fluctuation in competitive skill. Shy has been surprisingly consistent though and has the potential to become one of the best hitscan players in OWL.

  • The signing of players like M1ka, ColdesT, and Shy is the result of Bilibili's commitment to fostering domestic talent. They believe they have the responsibility to improve the esports ecosystem.

  • Spark will gather in the new team house in the offseason, where they'll have a professional and independent training environment.

  • Spark and Bilibili Gaming will have chances to communicate "clashing to generate more sparks" .

  • Once all the players have arrived, they'll do a team house tour.

  • The "Chinese-Korean communication and synergy system" created by their coaches will be put to the test next season. The new additions to the roster gives them greater depth, but also creates a need to optimize communication.

  • Spark's goal since inception has been to win and they believe in their ability to do so.

Hangzhou Spark, Fighting!

Source: reddit.com

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