Stuck in high bronze low silver

I first got overwatch two years ago and I was hooked instantly. I watched the OWLS a ton and viewed streamers like Kabaji on the regular. Def the most fun game I’ve ever played. I was a plat player when I first got into it (not amazing but still decent) and i played with a mic to coordinate ults and whatnot.

Went to college and didn’t bring the Xbox with me. Haven’t played in a year until I went home for corona and I got back into it. A ton of updates like the role selection and new heroes all happened while I was away. I do my placement matches right away and I’m god awful. Bronze across the board. Okay, I’m rusty. I’ll just start watching videos and playing a ton and I’ll get right back into it.


Bronze is the worst place in the world. It’s overwatch hell. Everyone’s either super bad or insane smurfs. I’m not trying to be toxic, I really really try and work with my teammates but i either get ignored or yelled at. I’ve gotten in 3 separate games with the same guy “Ese Nino Feo” and he literally screams at us and then throws for no reason. People leave in the middle of matches all the time and once it’s 5 v 6 there’s nothing anyone can do.

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I’m not a god at overwatch. I’m not good enough to carry but I also just don’t belong here. I hate it here. Season 22 ends on July 2nd and I’m counting down the days. When those placement matches hit I’m going try hard bc I have seen rock bottom and I am so scared. I never wanna go back to bronze. I just wanna be able to coordinate ults. I don’t mean to complain so much I’m not trying to say that every loss isn’t my fault but oh my god it’s just so frustrating sometimes.

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