Support elo hell doesn’t exist and your gold healing is irrelevant

Stop fiending for gold healing. It is almost always a useless pat on the back medal for supports that dont actually contribute. Elo hell does not exist, but many low elo supports claim it does for them. (Many of them are my friends and I hope they see this instead of me having to be a dick to them irl.) But why do they feel they are a better support than their rank? “Well i always have gold healing” or “I have x healing per 10.” In modern overwatch mass healing numbers are almost useless, especially at low elos. No, lucio that sits on heals the entire game and gets 30k, you are not the exception, you are actually inadvertently throwing by playing like that. Sorry mercy mains but either find a new character you can make plays with or stop complaining about elo hell.

Consider a couple reasons not to heal bot. For one, damage almost always wins vs healing in post goats overwatch. If we talk about individual burst healing Ana’s 70 hp per shot is the most you can receive. That is a non head shot from an Ashe. The best way to save your teammate from the enemy is not to panic flood them with heals, ash will out damage your heals. The best way is to kill the ash. Next you hear low elo supports complain all the time about their shit tanks or dps. If you are heal botting how are you expecting to win then? If they are not making plays it is up to you to make those plays. You are not going to be gifted great teammates up through whatever rank you think you deserve. You’re admitting your rank is trash, so your teammates are also trash. If you think you deserve better then you should be absolutely popping off. You should be the one making things happen.

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Supports are called supports not healers. As a support, a damage medal is always a better indiction of value than gold healing. Many of these characters have insane utility beyond healing. Zen, Bap, and Ana are constantly 3 of the top 5-10 most overpowered heros in the game, but it due to their non healing abilities including their dps abilities, that make them so OP. Just remember that Overwatch is won by the team that wins the most team fights. Your teammates do not need healing if their team is dead. Treading water and keeping your teammates up in a lost fight is actually throwing. You are wasting time instead of just dying and regrouping, and you are feeding enemy ult charge (same concept with a bad mercy rez). I am not saying play a hero incorrectly. Do not dps moira, she is worthless unless she is mass healing a rein zarya like comp. Do not pull out your pistol the entire game as mercy. But honestly, if you are consistently getting picks and not dying your dps Bap or reddit lucio are actually more valuable than heal bot versions of those characters.

I used to be terrible at support, and just like a lot of you blamed my teammates. Over the past couple of months I have climbed a ton though because I stopped playing heal bot lucio and moira and started making plays with zen, bap, and ana. Now, I am not good, but I can guarantee a win playing support up through my rank (diamond). If you can’t do that then you are at your correct elo.

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