Symmetra is at her most balanced state she’s ever been.

Content of the article: "Symmetra is at her most balanced state she’s ever been."

Coming from a GM Symmetra main.

Survivability is fine with 225 hp. I often see people suggest 250 or 275 hp but that would become so strong, it suited old sym because it was part of an ultimate and her beam had shorter range, but it doesn't suit this sym.

She's almost in the same boat as torb, torb is at his most balanced state ever. Her teleporter feels actually fine now! 10 Second is perfect, anything lower will get opressive and More will hurt her personal mobility. She can it destroy now while dead which is awesome too!

Her primary is in a ok spot, 180 dps is perfect anything lower would feel bad and more than 180 dps would become OP (we saw how it turned out when her beam got that bug fix at 195 dps)

Her orbs are fine, they did 140 dmg before but it wasn't really what she needed.. Glad she got these type of changes instead like 10 sec tp cooldown, 25 more hp and the QoL change with the tp.

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Her turrets are pretty bad in higher ranks if you dont TP bomb but are okay in lower ranks. Wish they could get buffed though with atleast a cooldown reduction. 3 turrets is equal to a mercy rez and 1 turret is equal to an Ana nade.. But i get why the devs are afraid of buffing torbs and syms turrets since they can pretty much ruin the lower ranks. But at the same time i think, can't the game just be balanced for the higher end? But that's another discussion. Her turrets is what is holding her back most imo, but it's such an iconic part of her kit that can't get removed…

Her ultimate is good, it often gets criticized for not being a Damage ult but it whats make her unique, she's a utility dps and if you place it right and at the right time it could turn around the game. The wall can also cover your turrets.

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Symmetra is a hero that the devs needs to be really careful about because she has a chance of becoming opressive. So buffing her slow is a very smart move with only one change at a time.

Really hope they don't rework her to a support since she's pretty balanced now!

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