The Baguette changes are too harsh. Here are some better ideas…

Release Brig and the subsequent Goats meta were the reasons why I stopped playing OW as my main game. I absolutely hate this hero and release Brig still disgusts me to this day. Maybe I even have some nightmares in which she gets featured prominently from time to time…

And yet, nonetheless, I do not want her to be gutted into irrelevancy.

Removing Baguette's overheal (with armor) is not the way to go. Going this route has some obvious design issues. Let's talk about the obvious one:

She has 3 repair packs, which heal for 110 hp each, or provide a 50 armor overheal. Let's assume that a DPS lost 50 hp and the overheal gets removed. Using a repair pack on that hero now wastes 60 healing. It's not efficient to use that ability anymore with the current CD or the 3 charges you have.

She suddenly becomes a healer, that is incentivised to… Not heal. In how far can this be a good way to balance her? It's just not.

There are a few things we should try out, before going to down this rabbit hole.

1) let's halve the provided armor at first. Only giving 25 armor as an overheal might be a good compromise to keep Brig's identity and not introduce a design issue of wasting her CD when someone isn't actually low.

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2) If we want to get rid of armor from repair packs, then let's try out a normal HP overheal at first. Between 25 and 50 HP.

3) If the overheal is an issue by itself, then there needs to be a residual heal over time after a character is full HP, like it happens with Moira. I have not thought about the duration or the HP/s of this residual healing, but it kinda needs to be there, to not make her waste her CDs, just because someone needs to be healed a little bit.

4) If a residual heal is not what's desired, then there are only 2 other options left. A) Give her one more repair pack. B) Reduce the CD of the ability.

I don't really have a personal preference, but Blizzard cannot nerf Baguette like this, without giving her a compensation buff. It's simply not the way to go, if the balancing team wants her to stay relevant.

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