The best comp game of my life.

Overwatch story time.

Do you ever have one of those games where you play with a toxic DPS player and they keep going in alone and dying then blaming the other DPS saying they are not pulling their weight.

After the match he sent me a friend request. I accepted it. He then proceeds to cuss me out and call me trash all while I’m unable to respond because he already blocked chat and remove me from his friends list.

So me and my mercy pocket are over here just laughing our asses off having a fun time and accepting that we can’t win every match on competitive.

Next match we get in we are on Havana starting on the Attack. We proceeded to do a terrible job attacking and only made it 75% of the way before the first checkpoint. My mercy pocket notices my rival DPS for the night that sent me hate mail is on the other team.

So I’m like I guess he gets the last laugh by besting me. My team’s morale was shaken but not broken. The only people communicating during the whole match was just me and the tanks.

Then all of a sudden….we clicked. Everyone is actively participating in communication and shot calling. The will to win on my team was stronger than my rivals sweaty rage to carry.

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We proceeded to have the most intense butt clenching clutch of the night. Holding first corner the entire match until we get the win.

After the match he proceeds to send my mercy pocket nonstop friend requests for the next 30 minutes. We died laughing at his pain. I really thought we were going to lose. I guess the overwatch gods were on our side that night.

The end.

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