The Hero of Numbani (Book/Lore)

Content of the article: "The Hero of Numbani (Book/Lore)"

I don't think there are really any game/lore spoilers here, or even really book spoilers, most of the big picture storyline is already known.

I picked up the new official novel set in the Overwatch universe, endorsed by Blizzard and written with input from the OW Team.

The book is titled The Hero of Numbani and is essentially Efi and Orisas backstory.

These are my notes from my read through last night. These are mostly all minor, some if not all may already be known.

  • Lucios healing song is probably called Rejuvenescência
  • The former captain of Overwatch was Soujourn (we knew this) who has cybernetic brain upgrades (I think we knew this but confirmed).
  • There was a cartoon about Overwatch in the Overwatch universe
  • Gabrielle Adawe, was under-secretary-general of the UN, she was instrumental in the founding of overwatch and also a founder of Numbani.
  • Agba Aja, was an accomplished omnic Nigerian artist, gets hacked by Sombra
  • There were two Doomfists
    • The original Doomfist, real name is Akinjide Adeyami AKA the Scourge of Numbani.
    • Doomfists successor (our Doomfist), real name Akande Ogundimu.
    • Akande killed Akinjide for the gauntlet and title
    • both terrorized Numbani
  • Orisa is made from the exact robot Doomfisf punched into the wall to make the dent at the airport
  • Orisas voice is based on Efi's mother and grandmother, her calculus teacher, and Adawe
  • The name Orisa isn't just a play on from OR15 but is the name of an important type of spirit in Efis family's religion
  • Sombra creates a WiFi network called 344X-Azúcar when hacking. Azúcar is Spanish for sugar.
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I enjoyed this book, it's geared towards younger readers for sure, so it took me just a few hours to chew through — but it was entertaining enough to do so in one sitting.

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