The tie break if atl 3-1 shock

So, you are here for a reason I assume. I broke down how the ties break down if somehow atl 3-1 shock. The TL:DR version is: glads are out no matter what, dallas will have to play 2 tie breaker matches first vs atl and then against shock if they lose the atl game.

Ok so breakdown:


Ok so sorry gladiators fans, glads are out no matter what. This happens because glads lose the tie breaker to all three other teams.

Dallas: Dallas are over the gladiators due to the head to head record. In week 1 dallas won 3-1. simple and clean

Shock: same as above. shock won vs glads and thats that

Atlanta: since glads did not face atl we go to shared opponents. In this case its shock. This whole mess is made by atl theoretically winning, and since glads didnt they are below

  1. Shock:

Shock are still doing fine as they are above glads and so they are not out

Atlanta: An atl win puts them above shock in the head to head so they are under them

Gladiators: shock won vs glads in week 1 so they are above them

Dallas: Dallas and shock had 2 shared opponents in houston and gladiators. Miraculously they both had the same scoreline in both matches, and since there are no other ways to break the tie. A tie breaker will be held

  1. Dallas:
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Shock: same shared opponents same scoreline, read above

Gladiators: Dallas won vs glads in week 1 so they are above them in the head to head

Atlanta: Atlanta and Dallas do not share a single opponent, so the only way to break the tie is to have a tie breaker match

  1. Atlanta:

Shock: an atl win over them puts atl above them in head to head

Glads: glads and atl have a shock as a shared opponent. since atl won and glads didnt. atl are above them

Dallas: no shared opponents. tie breaker match

So, what does it all mean? in the simplest terms its somehow ATL> shock=dallas=ATL. I am not an OWL employee so this is all speculation from here on, but from what I believe its going to be a dallas vs atl tie breaker game to determine the 5th seed. If atl win. dallas will have to face shock for the 6th seed. However, if dallas win, dallas get the 5th seed, and atl get the 6th without facing shock as they are above them in the tie breaker


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