There is an obsessions with trying to over provide overly simplified solutions to problems.

playing low gold/silver games for the weekend and the obsession with trying to solve a problem with a generic solution is mind numbing.
In almost all games you'll usually see the following come across chat.
-We need more heals.
-We need a shield.
-Join Voice chat.

Lets go through these simplifications one by one.
-We need more heals.
Anytime someone says this I interpret this as "I need more time to accomplish what I want to accomplish." DPS needs more time to solidify kill. Tanks want to stay alive longer to provide DPS more time. But in reality if the enemy team is pushing the tempo, slowing down the tempo will be extremely difficult. If there is a winston jumping over your team into your backline(or if they are a good one falling from high ground) its extremely difficult to slow down the tempo. More heals isnt going to do that.
Even if you are running Rein Zarya into Rein Zarya. If the enemy team has a Mei/Cree and is able to successfully stun your Rein, more healing is most likely just feeding them ult charge. More than likely you are just prolonging your Reins death.

-We need a shield.
Similar to the previous one, I interpret this as " I want something for me to run behind when things arent working." Your team can have a Hog Zarya and running through their Rein Zarya and I have seen teams ask for a shield. Just having a shield for the sake of a shield is allowing the enemy team to focus all there attention to one place. If Rein has a shield up, everyone is going to be shooting at it. If they have spam damage (Hanzo, Junk) they are going to be pummeling that shield. If the shield breaks before you are ready for it odds are you will be one shot by a Hanzo arrow. Additionally if there is an damage boosted DPS on high ground they are going to find a way around that shield.

-Join Voice chat.
I am a firm believer that voice chat is the most over rated tool in the lower elos. I have climbed out of silver and gold without using it, just focusing on my game play, yet there is an absolute need with using it as a crutch. The most common objections I hear about it are:
"What if there is a flanker???"
-Odds are if there is a flanker no one is going to do anything about it. Especially not the counter swap. I cant tell you how many times someone has swapped Reaper to counter Hog. Then Hog is rent free in your supports backline while Reaper is chasing a Mercy. If there is a flanker, as a support odds are he is going to come after me, I can swap to either a Brig/Ana to defend myself. I will mark the flanker and try to prevent them from gaining value aka denying him a kill.
"We need to combo ults??"
-You can spam my ult is ready. If your team mate is expecting it they will get the picture. 90% of Gold/Silver Genji will be watching the Ana ult tracker. As soon as they hear "my ult is ready" they are looking for the Nano. The only other combo people play for in gold/silver is grav dragon. Same as Genji, Hanzo is waiting for it he'll dragon if you get a grav off.
"I need to tell you who to heal!!"
-This is the one that drives me up the wall the most. A supports job is to get the best player in the lobby resources to dominate. If its the Rein, they will get the Rein resources. If its the Pharah they will get the Pharah resources. It is not my job to bail out the Tracer not killing anyone, or the Rein who wont push past choke. Trying to dictate the team to put resources into a player who isnt the carry is counter intuitive and selfish.

I know people want the path of least resistance for climbing, but there is really no simple fix in each game. I have never seen a VOD review where the reviewer has mentioned one of those three reasons as a cause for loss.


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