There should be a separate ELO for new players , especially now when the entire community (EU SERVERS!!) now consists entirely of beginners.

Right guys ive played OW a lot, I’ve been through all the notions all the conundrums all that frustrating shit that comes packaged with this game.

I peaked in masters for about 4 seasons off the back of a series of high rolls & being lucky enough to find myself on the winning team for a few days.

Ive got 900+ hours on the game, I’m by no means a pro gamer but then again I’ve played videogames my whole life so I’d be selling myself short if I didn’t give myself some credit. Anyway I see a lot of people trying to say that SR is relative to one’s ability to play the game but lets be honest that isn’t true in the slightest.

Most of the best players I know play in silver gold and platinum. So why is it then that the vast majority of brand spanking new players get put into gold by default if they are moderately lucky and land 2 games out of their 5 with the less new players. These players get into gold then proceed to lose every game until they end up in low silver or high bronze where they can begin to enjoy the game. Just weird that in order for these players to placed into their correct ELO they need to bring down a lot of decent players with them.

Im not one of these salty guys either, I dont care, I play the game for fun I enjoy it. Im getting better every season but its not reflected in my current SR. Currently I am gold on support, had a lot of fun games last night , on average we were getting 2 people a game on combined 20 hours playtime against teams multiple guys on 1500+ hours. This being said though I wouldn’t be surprised if I managed to get back into masters by the end of the season but I know in my mind this will only be possible with a lot of good luck & high rolls during the matchmaking process.

Why does the matchmaking do this? Is it because it thinks im over ELO’d for where I am & thinks I’d be able to carry 2 level 30 tanks on their first game?

Would the correct attitude to be say that I am actually getting worse at the game & deserve to drop because I cant carry beginners so effectively that they don’t even need to be on the team, blame the noobs for not playing properly or blame blizz for the matchmaking?

I wish they’d change it because you see far too many noobs thinking they are better than the team because of jammy placements. Why isn’t there like a beginners only elo where they have to play X amount of games before being put into a game with people who have been playing routinely for years – how is anyone expected to win?

Anyway more to start discussion as opposed to anything else, I understand that people love to hate on the guys with 2000+ hours still locked in silver claiming those guys suck. Which I guess they kinda do but the fact is pretty bog standard in the sense that a silver junkrat with 800 hours on that hero is always going to be better than a gold reinhardt with 2 hours on that hero.

I thought that this was common sense, so why does blizzard completely disregard ones time played stats & choses to focus solely on how many times you were matched to the winning team to determine how good you are.

I dunno, I know its not just me but I’m sure one thing we can agree on is that the game needs an overhaul an update or a decent sequel or every bodies gonna have no choice but to pack it in & find a true competitive shooter again.



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