Tips for support players who want to get out of Bronze/Silver/Gold

I have around 1000 hours on support having placed 1700 a few years ago, peaking at 3350 and am now at Gold/Plat. I've been in 1500 and 3500 games and have seen every type of game/matchup in the medal ranks. Here are some tips I've noticed that will help support players who think they are hard stuck:

  • Medals and healing per 10 don't matter without context and it's a waste of time to worry about them

  • Be able to play every support at an average level. Sometimes you need to switch to Lucio so that you can contest last point or Baptiste because they have grav dragons for the last fight.

  • There are a little things you can do that greatly can help out your team. If they have a Junkrat then try to look in front of your tanks so you can shoot a trap before they get stuck. Or if they have a Symmetra try to play a more aggressive so that you can shoot her turrets. Or if they have a Torbjorn try to take it out so that your team doesn't have to worry about it.

  • The most important thing is that you should not die first in a team fight. A 5v6 where you only have one healer is a huge disadvantage for your team.

  • If you can't 1v1 a Tracer then you need to either switch to a different hero or spend time in Deathmatch or workshops. The easiest way to lose a match is by constantly having to beg your team to peel for you. It's up to you to be able to safely 1v1 a Tracer/Genji/Doom/Ball that is attacking you.

  • Know what to do in every 1v1 situation and whether you should Fight or Retreat. For example, I know that I can 1v1 a Silver Lucio if I am Moira but if I am facing a Diamond Lucio then I will probably retreat.

  • If someone on the enemy team is clearly carrying them then you should be the first person to switch to counter them. That means if their Hog is dominating your frontline then maybe switch to Ana and keep him Anti naded and slept when he pushes up. Or if the enemy Pharmacy is being uncontested then switch to Bap and at the very least put more pressure on it.

  • It's hard to have high impact as Mercy unless you are a very, good Mercy due to the skill levels of the DPS. If you are average with Ana/Bap/Brig/Lucio/Moira/Zen then you can 1v1 solo kill most of the enemy DPS in Bronze/Silver. However, it's usually a bad idea to take a 1v1 as Mercy unless you are ulting.

  • If you can see an enemy and no one on your team is shooting them then take some shots at them. If an Ashe is uncontested on the high ground even a few Mercy shots will make her pull back. It's never a good thing if an enemy is comfortable and raining shots on your team for free

  • Don't be afraid to go DPS and do damage instead of healing. If your tanks are full health then do damage to the enemy team instead of waiting for your team to take damage. That 20 damage you do might kill an enemy right before they can pop off a huge ult.

  • Always keep track of enemy ults and know how to play around them. For example, if you know that they have shatter then make sure you are always playing around corners. You should rarely get shattered as a support even if you have no shield tank. Keeping track of Rein, Zarya, Sombra, Reaper Tracer, and McCree ults should be your priority in the lower ELOs because you will see them pretty much every game.

  • Keep track of important enemy cooldowns like Hook, Bubble, Flash and Immortality. If you know the enemy has Hook ready then make sure you are around corners or outside of range. Again, you should rarely get hooked by Roadhog.

  • Joining voice chat is hit or miss and doesn't really matter. If you want to talk with people then join it but if you get tilted/annoyed by people being toxic then it's usually not worth it. Voice chat isn't really important until the higher ranks.

  • If you are confident in your game knowledge then ignore people when they ask you to switch. Most of the time people just ask you to switch because they read something on the internet and want to apply it to the situation without realizing any context.

  • If people complain about the supports then ignore them. Most people will have a bad game and then blame everyone else on the team. It's extremely rare for you to lose a game and someone will plug in their mic and say "Guys that was one of the worst games I've played, my bad".

  • Most importantly, don't die very often and keep your deaths around 6 per 10 minutes. Some matches are won simply because a support stayed alive and helped a teammate get a 3K in the final teamfight.

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If anyone else has any tips feel free to add them


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