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Hi OwU!

I see a lot of posts on this sub to vent abt choking a game, dropping a rank, or just overall ranked toxicity in general, so I thought I'd maybe make this post to cheer ppl up ^^ tl;dr at bottom

Im a loong time players whose either never cared abt comp/too nervous to try, but last night finally bit the bullet and queued for ranked. For context, im a female ana/mercy main that watches way too many videos abt ppl being toxic in ow to players very similar to me, and im a sensitive person who hates conflict. I was naturally super nervous, but got a game on havana fast that was strictly mid gold. i was literally trembling lol

but then i opened up comms with a "hey everyone" and got a nice response. everyone was kind, and in voice, even if they didnt speak, and we set up our defense. it was a mercy/zen healing combo with rein sigma and widow ashe. i knew id have to act as main healer but was too shaky to go ana considering how important placements for the first time are.

Starting off our widow was poppin. i hoped i helped him out by encouraging him everytime him got a pick, and overall everyone was being positive. they listened to my callouts (mercy is such a great hero for that :)) and we hold cart solidly first corner and go on next round to win with minimal issues. i told my lovely team i was doing placements for the first time after and they gave me encouraging messages of "good luck!" and "better late than never" and made me super happy 😀 our rein wasn't overally aggressive, no one was ever *too* out of position and i was overall shocked bcuz ive often heard abt the "cesspool of gold ahh" i even got complimented on my healing C: ok, next game.

another payload map of gibraltor; this time i was the only one speaking but everyone was in voice/communicating through typing. still overly stressed but im sure that will get better overtime 🙂 a little less of a roll here, but we managed to clutch the overtime victory due to comms and positivity 😀 my callouts were listened to almost immediately after i said them, and even tho their widow was now the one rolling we still managed to get the w. it was nice not auto-loosing after the enemy caps all 3, and i had some laughs at our failed attempt at a bunker comp that somehow worked. granted, i didn't think that anyone was stuck in elo hell, and the pace of the fights were relatively slow compared to who i usually play with in qp actually (lmao, its usually mid plats-low masters, but mmr is less accurate than sr) but no smurfs, no leavers, and plenty of ggs 🙂

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my stats for that game was what surprised me the most. it was maybe a 15 minute game? other support was moira/brig, and i finished with 19k heals, 5k damaged amped (career record!) 9 rezzes and only 2 deaths. at the end i got complimented again (ahh!) on my heals, voice (lol) and even called a queen. it was sweet. i haven't finished my placements, but when I do i might update this. i hope all my games r like this, even if i lose! 😀

TL;DR: even the low ranks arent as bad as they are made up to seem, and positivity can take you a long way. all those scary videos of people being toxic to mercy mains are the minority of people! its still just a videogame in the end, no matter the mode c:

side note: both games, the mercy on the enemy team used her ult simply for battle mercying rather than mass dmg boost. is this common for gold?? it was super funny and unsuccessful everytime xD i just healed the target thru it. anyway, if you read my essay, i hope it keeps u encouraged!!

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