To low ranked players: “making space” is about making places unsafe for the enemy team to be, and forcing them to move.

Too many players think making space = use barrier to make places safer for allies. They don't try to make places dangerous for enemies, which is much more important. The words “creating space” are even too vague for most low ranked players to understand. If you want to “make space” think about how you can force enemies to move by threatening to kill them.

This is why blocking a choke point with a shield doesn't create space for your team unless you have a huge poke advantage from your team composition, because enemies can just stay where they are and shoot right back at you. To get space, you need to get past the choke to somewhere your team can threaten the enemy. More space is created by doing damage (or threatening to do damage) than it is by using defensive abilities to block damage.

Use this to decide how to position your team. Here are some neat tricks you can directly apply from this, which might not be intuitive for low ranked players trying to learn and climb.

Hold the first corner behind the choke, not the choke directly:

On points like hanamura A, Eich A, Kings row A, the choke point is a worse place to stand on defence than behind it. Two reinhardts swinging at each other at a choke point are both equally supported by their teams, and the rein with better skill or team comp will win. On defence, you want to force the enemy tanks to go through the choke and get cut off from their team before they can reach you. That way your team can damage them from lots of angles, which leads us to…

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Surround the enemy:

Low ranked teams are allergic to playing split. Tank players get anxiety attacks if their whole team aren’t bunched up as a pack of 6 right behind them. Supports don’t like needing to look around and see who they need to support in a fight. Whatever. If you want to climb, take off-angles and help your team get good angles. Good examples are Numbani A and B, Nepal Sanctum, Oasis centre, Busan base, Paris A, Anubis A. The team with the most power over these objectives is not the team with the most players on the point. You need to have the most players surrounding the point, so that you can easily kill enemies on the point. It’s worth giving up some capture percentage to win the fight. So if you’re defending or have just won a fight – don’t stand on the objective waiting for enemies, you KNOW they will need to go to the point, so get your team to stand in places to easily kill them.

Similarly, when attacking, most teams will have the 3 IQ strategy of “let’s go through the choke and then get on the point, that will surely cause us to automatically win the game” and will often MALD OUT OF THEIR MINDS if the whole team doesn’t just try to win by standing on the point getting shot. Unfortunately in overwatch, you don’t make capture progress unless there are 0 enemies on the point. So enemies can stall one by one while the rest of them rain hell down at you. So instead you should try to get some players onto strategic high grounds that have a good angle on the point, which can win you the point easily:

  • You might kill a straggling enemy who doesn’t realise you’re moving around
  • If the enemy are all just sitting on the point, light them up from your superior position, get some kills then jump on when you have a massive player advantage
  • If they aren’t on the point, only one of you needs to contest to force them onto the point where you can kill them.
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This is also why attacking 2cp can feel like hell: you get two picks, you're all on the point, but somehow they trickle back in and pick you off one by one and you don't even get a tick. The crucial mistake is standing on the point. Once you control the point, get to high ground so you can easily kill enemies who try to contest. Being on the point is the hardest place to kill enemies anywhere, and you’re on the low ground with 0 cover so you're in the easiest place to get killed possible.

Don’t dive in. Jump to high ground, then drop:

Using abilities to dive straight onto a backline is usually a terrible idea. You’re cutting yourself off from your team and donating your HP to the enemy ult charge bank. Better to use your abilities to jump to somewhere threatening, hang around for a moment, then drop on them when you team has an opportunity. Just being in that place is more dangerous than launching yourself at them from narnia. That way you set yourself up for win-win situations

  • You drop and kill them as soon as they take some damage / waste an ability
  • Or you scare them into less ideal places where they are more vulnerable to the rest of your team or where they can’t support their team as well
  • Or it goes to shit but you have all your abilities to escape with TLDR: avoid common pitfalls like standing on the point, diving straight in, and bunching up at choke points by thinking about how your team can most easily kill enemies.
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TLDR: All 3 of these strategies force enemies to move, which makes space for your team. Defensive abilities only create space if they help your team do damage, which is what really creates space by literally moving enemies.


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