Top 100 dps player gives tips on game sense and mentality and more

Hey I’ve never posted on Reddit before and I usually lurk but my friend told me to post a break down of a top 500 dps’s mind and some tips.

I’ve been top 500 for about 3 years now with a top 100 peak I main projectile dps but I still perform the exact same on hitscan and I’m also immortal in valorant .

This is focused on tips and i made it very simple tell me if you want a complex guide


Game sense

game sense is 30% intuition and 70% memorization and eventually once you’ve actively practiced for a good amount of time it all just molds into natural ability. You never think about the right play you just do it because it’s the only thing that makes sense eventually the best plays become the only plays in your mind. Time is everything and once you put in enough time you can just chill out.


In game the thing a top 500 player thinks about is nothing because we already learned everything in the game. Every single situation we know the optimal play it’s just a matter of who can execute said play better. Its why most top 500 steamers seem to barely pay attention to the game and still perform amazing, it’s because everything is already known to us and we just are replaying the same situations over and over. 3 years ago the game was fresh and we actually had to actively learn and practice but now it’s become much to simple.

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Tips to get to this point of play

First tip aim train like crazy. Once you have amazing aim, aim train harder because you don’t want amazing aim you want perfect aim. Until you hit every shot every time your aim is not good enough no matter what rank you are. (Also don’t just hit your shots flick fast so you hit your shot before someone shoots you).

Second tip I have is to get tilted. Not tilted at your team but tilted at yourself for not being better, everything that goes wrong in your game is your fault it’s all in your control.

Third tip I have is to remember every mistake you make and actively correct it until you don’t have to think about it anymore

Fourth tip I have is to learn every hero, that way you understand the hero perfectly and can play against it perfectly

Fifth tip don’t sike yourself out. don’t let anything sike you out or change how you play, stay confident always no matter who Is in your game or what’s going on in the game.

Sixth tip use your intuition if something seems like a smart play it’s usually a smart play don’t trick yourself into not doing something smart by telling yourself it’s dumb. For example Sometimes spawn killing the support is smart because it gives your team more time to fight the enemy with less heals because heals are more important than dps but people get scared to do it because they don’t want to take the blame if the fight is lost. Don’t worry about it just do what you think is best and whatever happens happens.

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That’s all I wrote this while half asleep after a long valorant session I’m tryna hit radiant and I’m super close if anyone wants a vod review or my aim training routine dm my Instagram thestoryow or if they have any questions or something I’m not super active on Reddit but I might pop in to check messages here too. If people want tank tips I’m also top 500 on tank so I can do that too. I could make a more thorough dps guide if people want as well. i kinda rushed this one so I can sleep. C ya


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