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If you prefer learning things Visually > Textually, here's the video form of the Tracer Guide: https://youtu.be/ocI_j52QwQA

For today we'll be looking at a Key Macro fundamental of Tracer that is often missed out in Tracer Guides, and as you've seen by the Title, what does 'Shepherd Squishies' mean? Well, it encompasses these three main, interlinked ideas:

Shepherding Squishies

  1. Flank/Map Control
  2. Enabling Spam/Dives
  3. Duelling DPS
  • In essence, a Clean Definition would be: Shooting Enemy DPS trying to take off-angles/split from their Core

Flank/Map Control

  • This is the broad, overarching reason to why you shoot enemy DPS attempting to split from core
  • Tracer, as we'll get onto into the last of these three subsections, is one of, if not, the best and most mobile duellist in the game, hence she is easily able to blink and force a duel onto an Ashe after she's used coach gun to gain an angle, or onto a Doomfist trying to split for a big slam etc.
  • This will force the enemy (I.E. Ashe/Doomfist) to either retreat, or attempt to take the duel which they will likely not win
  • This means that you win the angle and gain space, whereas the enemy team will then play in a linear fashion (I.E. Like a 'Herd!')
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Enabling Spam/Dives

  • Simply put, this newly found space/angle that you have now gained, can either be used to set up a dive, or to increase the effective spam damage that your team deals
  • For instance, in Ball Tracer Spam Dive Hybrid, you as Tracer (on your new off-angle) and your Ball can set-up a dive from different angles onto a squishy target
  • In Double Shield (I.E. Ashe Tracer Sig Orisa Mirror) your friendly Ashe now doesn't have to worry about a flank as you've just cleared it on Tracer. This can allow your Ashe to play more aggressively to help land larger dynamites etc.
  • Moreover, since double shield is relatively static, you as Tracer also decrease the effective spam damage from the enemy team, as if they're all playing in a linear fashion (I.E. Like a 'Herd') they'll likely be looking and shooting at YOU, and not your TEAM, relaying pressure off your tanks

Duelling DPS

  • So, what about actually winning the duel? Well, there's THREE main things:
  • Trigger Discipline – Take an extra 100-500Ms to readjust your crosshairs back onto your target. Don't just blow all your clip at once into thin air by holding down M1/RT/R2
  • Blink Management – Don't blow all your blinks actually getting to the off-angle, and don't panic blink the immediate moment an enemy starts shooting – Try and weave them in and out of your reloads and to duke/dodge CC and Stun abilities
  • Backline L.O.S. – Make sure you are in L.O.S. of your Zen/Brig to gain Orbs/Repair Packs respectively to help win the duel. If you're in a Tracer duel, and their Tracer has Orbs and you don't, you're very likely to lose, vice versa
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Some Tadbits…

' a Shepherd – Nobody gets Split from the Herd' – Jacob 'Spilo' Clifton, Former Professional Contenders Coach For Sheer Cold

'Start , Start Getting into a new location, Start getting information – Stop playing Hide N' Go Seek and Start playing Overwatch' – Justin 'Jayne' Conroy, Former Assistant Coach For Dallas Fuel, Coach for 'PECO' Overwatch

'So the only option has is to draw out the 1v1 and hope that his get more value.' – Nathan 'Natter' Pitchaikani, Current Contenders Coach, Former Contenders Strategic Coach for Team 'Drifters'

Again, the FULL GUIDE explaining these quotes, providing visual examples and covering more of Tracer's kit/playstyle is linked above – Thanks for reading!


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