Tracking and Recording with Overtrack and OBS

I recently posted about keeping track of my SR by recording every game season 26 results using pen and paper that I then typed up in Google Sheets.

I'm now looking at Season 27, and this is how I think I'm going to do it: use Overtrack to automatically track the game, record the team chat with OBS, and then use Overtrack's JSON API to export the data to Airtable at the end of the season.

Overtrack's a really neat piece of software. It takes repeated snapshots of the game and uses computer vision to analyze the kill feed and the end game statistics, and then lets you see the kills and deaths over time:

Overtrack Killfeed

The downside is that Overtrack requires some configuration — in particular, it requires a 16:9 aspect ratio. I have a 21:9 monitor, so I had to set Overwatch's video options to "Windowed" / "16:9" / "2560×1440 (144)". (Make sure that if you have G-SYNC , you have G-SYNC enabled for both windowed and full screen mode. It should be in your NVidia control panel.)

The Overtrack icon has a "Show Status Window". This will pick up what Overtrack sees. When you see "Overwatch Tracking" notification that means it works. You should see "Overwatch Recording" pop up as a notification when the game starts, and a red dot will show up on the Overtrack icon. You have to sit through the end screen for it to know whether you won or lost and to record statistics for you. It only uploads once you exit back to the main menu. Once it's done, it'll say "Overtrack Game Uploaded." Then you should be able to see it on the website.

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The API for Overtrack is still something I'm figuring out, but it's basically JSON from https://api2.overtrack.gg/overwatch/games/$YOUR_SHARE_KEY and you have to have your share key public for the API to expose it. From there, it's easy enough to render it as CSV and import to Airtable, and there are even some old example scripts.

The other thing I've got working recently is Open Broadcaster Software, usually known as OBS. This is because replays only stick around for so long, and they don't include the team chat or the text messages of the game, which is pretty crucial for figuring out what actually happened in game. I don't need great resolution, so I set the canvas resolution to "3440×1440" (the full monitor width) and the output scaled resolution to "1720×720", then the game capture is "capture specific window" and specify "Overwatch.exe". I did not use the Overtrack integration with OBS, or at least it didn't seem to be functional. I will need to explicitly start and stop recording for every game, but that's still way easier than taking manual notes afterwards, and disk space isn't a problem.

Between the two of these tools, I think I should be able to not only track every game automatically, but also link it to the video asset showing how that game went, and tracking my play style from the beginning of the season to the end.

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Thoughts, suggestions?

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