Translation of Alarm’s interview on RyuJehong’s Nano series

Content of the article: "Translation of Alarm’s interview on RyuJehong’s Nano series"

Q1. How have you been since the season ended?

A. I've been meeting friends, working out, i don't think i've been playing overwatch as much, i keep having plans

Q2. If you were to score your season? (out of 100)

A. 80?

rjh : last time carpe scored really low though…

alarm : i'd give grand finals a 10 or a 20, but the regular season should be 80 points?

rjh : yeah you got 1st place during the regular season and you even got roty,

alarm : although we can't win the finals…

rjh : you can just do well next year. ok let's stop talking about sad stuff

Q3. the rookie candidates this year was really stacked, what do you think is the reason you were chosen?

A. I think it's because of our success in the regular season.

rjh : the 2 tops of the regular season has both the MVP and the roty

alarm : yeah our results were good, and i did really well too tbh

Q4. what's the one hero you think had the biggest role in winning you the roty and role star award?

A. I'm confident with all of them, but if i had to choose, Ana? Seeing as to how I used her a lot early in the season, and I showed a lot of good performances at the beginning, so Ana? I think she plays a large role.

Q5. Is there a moment as Ana that you remember/proud of?

A. During the match against Paris? I don't remember the exact match, but it was againts Paris. I got a lot of sleeps on that day. Ah it was probably that last tournament

rjh : can you tell me what you did? Cause i didn't watch

alarm : back then, EMP, and then sp9rk1e, i slept him a lot

rjh : so sp9rk1e's genji is nothing huh?

alarm : it's easy to sleep him

rjh : right, there are some people that are easy to sleep and some not

alarm : yeah, you'd know since you played ana. i think sp9rk1e was nervous that day

rjh : and next time you meet him, you'll be able to sleep him a lot too.

Q6. If you were to pick the second place for roty?

A. For me, personally Leejaegon. Since he's very aggresive. Since he's aggresive, he's in the spotlight a lot, so he stands out. That's why i think it'd be him, if it wasn't me.

Q7. What's the most fun meta and hero to play? Like for example, philly is good at reaper-sombra, lucio-moira,

A. yeah we're good at that, but honestly it's not very fun. Because i play moira. Fun for me would be rein-dva-mei-mcree? i think that's the most fun. With lucio-ana

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rjh : yeah you have to do a lot, individually, maybe playing rein would be a liiiitle boring. For Moira, when your team is losing, the probability of you turning it around is very low. For ana and zen, when your team is struggling, there is something you can do.

alarm : and i like being in the spotlight, but you can't do that with moira.

Q8. What's a meta you hate and hope you don't have to play again? Like for example the hog meta?

A. I think the grand finals meta was my least favourite meta. I didn't really like it, especially with double snipers, you can die with a headshot. In terms of team play too, it seems you do more things individually

rjh : it's ambiguous about what you have to do, for supports you just have to make sure you don't die.

Q9. If it wasn't for the hog meta, you could've won, yes or no?

A. yes.

rjh : honestly this too i agree, to a certain extent,

alarm : it had to be the one meta that we weren't good at

Q10 . Which victory were you most happy with?

The 5 map against Paris vs reverse sweep against gladiators vs the shock 3-0

A. there are two candidates, the happiest one that made us all hug each other after winning was the gladiators match, i think it was the first time we all hugged after a match. but personally to me, it was the shock one.

rjh : last time carpe also said he liked this win the most.

Q11. This season's philly fusion #1 reason for success is Alarm, yes or no

A. This… i'd say me and funnyastro.

rjh : and the reason is?

alarm : me and astro match really well. I think because of that i could do better too. Rather than saying it's just me, i think it's because me and astro matched really well.

rjh : yeah for supports, both the main and flex have to do it together,

alarm : on top of that our personalities match too

rjh : so to end it, the reason for philly's success is alarm and funnyastro… carpe and the others are just whatever

alarm : noo all of them are good, i just chose bcs you told me to.

Q12. the 'if sado looks good, it's cause alarm is doing good too' meme, have you seen it?

A. yeah ive seen it a lot

rjh : do you agree?

alarm : uhh…. to a certain extent, i'd have to agree

rjh : because you took care of him from the back

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alarm : there's that too, for how good he does, it's cause i allow him. Since he does well based on how much i heal him, i tend to take care of him more, heal him.

rjh : anyways, you're saying you agree right?

alarm : yeah, because of me, he can do well

Q13. Your top 3 best supports, throughout all three seasons

A. I can say this right away, jjonak, viol2t, and me.

rjh : jjonak for the first year, is the second year viol2t?

alarm : yeah, and viol2t did well this year too

Q14. You started out with playing Rein and dva, why did you change to a support role?

A. Playing main tank doesn't really suit my style. Rather than leading from the front, flex supports lead from the back. I don't think it suits me.

rjh : but you did well

alarm : i was good at first but in the middle, i kept on descending, my confidence went down too, so that's why i changed.

Q15. Is there a hero from the tank and dps role you're confident with?

A. The hero i'm confident at is Winston and dva,

rjh : right you're good at winston, and for dps?

alarm : hanzo?

rjh : hanzo? isn't he pretty hard?

alarm : no it's cause, on days i shoot well, i do really good.

rjh : hanzo being your specialty is pretty unique, usually when you ask people it'd be widow, or genji,

alarm : yeah well i'm bad at genji…

Q16. If philly fusion were to do a widow 1v1, how do you think you'd do

A. Ok honestly first of all, i can't beat the hitscans,

rjh : you can still beat them! or is it because you shouldn't win against them?

alarm : yeah i shouldn't win against them. seeing as to how hitscans are very mentally dependent

but after that, shouldn't i be able to win against everyone else?

rjh : so you're speculating a third-fourth place?

alarm : third place.

rjh : just win against carpe

alarm : i think i can at least win against heesu

im just kidding heesu's really good i don't think i can win against him and carpe

Q17. Beefed up alarm, how much can you lift? (there's this system where you average how much you can lift while squating, bench pressing and deadlifting)

A. i didn't actually count, but it's probably around 320-330 kg.

rjh : but you've been going to the gym a lot, like we mentioned before, so you can definitely raise up the number, could even reach to the 400s

alarm : if i reach 400kg, i've been contemplating whether i should make a video or not, because i wanna brag.

rjh: do you know how much poko can lift?

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alarm : the gym we went to couldn't measure it, but poko is really strong. i've felt it before.

rjh : you're gonna get into trouble if you joke around with him. for you it's fine since you work out too, but if carpe messes around… he's gonna get hurt….

Q18. If philly were to do an arm-wrestling competition, how would you place?

A. second place. obviously poko would be number 1

rjh : my expectations seem similar, number 1 would be poko

alarm : yeah it has to be poko. i arm wrestled him once, and wow i could feel a wall between us. i wonder if it's the ethnicity diff

Q19. Now please give the fans a cool message

A. a cool message?

rjh : it has to be cool

alarm : since i won the roty this year, i'll make sure to win mvp next year. and i'm always thankful to everyone.

Q20. since you're aiming for mvp next year, can you please say a word to your fellow mvp competitor, carpe.

A. Now, since Jaehyeok hyung is getting older, it seems like this year was your last chance cause now i'm here… ah but honestly i wanna see him get it too

rjh : is it something like 'i wanna see him get it but my skills exceed his so that's not possible'

alarm : yeah, it can't be helped

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