Translation of Chengdu Hunters Q&A Explaining the Mmonk Signing

Note: I do not speak fluent Mandarin. I am translating this to the best of my ability, and would certainly appreciate it if anyone pointed out outstanding mistakes (even harsh criticism is welcome) within the translation. I believe the translation should get the overall gist of the message through.

This is the Q&A in question.

Q1: How did the team discover Mmonk?

General Manager Luke: Mmonk had actually passed the Open Tryouts for the Chengdu Hunters way back in October 2020, but the coaching staff and I had strategically chosen to leave one open roster spot to easily acquire a new player either during or before the season. We made a deal with FG Club (TL note: Flag Gaming) to bring coach Yaoxie, Mmonk, and Apr1ta under the Chengdu Hunters banner (TL note: Yaoxie joined main team, Mmonk and Apr1ta joined academy.)

After returning from Chinese New Year in February, we began the final preparations before the season, and also brought Mmonk from the academy team to participate in training. After a month of ladder training, scrims, replay, etc., we became more and more certain that Mmonk was the final piece to the puzzle we wanted.

Q2: What are some of Mmonk's traits that make him worthy of being in the Overwatch League?

General Manager Luke: To begin with, Mmonk has a strong passion and desire to be in the Overwatch League—it is a goal that he is willing to put his all into, which serves as a constant source of motivation for him to work hard. When Mmonk, who had just won the OC championship (TL note: Contenders China 2020 Season 2 Playoffs) first arrived at the Chengdu base, I could see that he had great hope that he could become a part of the CDH team. He was willing to settle down on the academy team of CDH and wait for his chance.

In addition, Mmonk's accuracy in-game and his communication skills are strong qualities of his. At times, it is necessary to be patient with some players, and as a team, we are willing to give enough time and chances to a young player who is willing to work hard.

Q3: What is MMONK's current status and how is his relationship with the rest of the Chengdu Hunter team?

General Manager Luke: Mmonk is in a good place in both his training and lifestyle. Because of his experience on the CDH academy team, he has quickly integrated with the team. Mmonk has a very gentle personality and gets along well with all the players, and has been a favorite since he was on the academy team.

Q4: What's the difference between Mmonk and Farway1987?

Head Coach RUI: I am very satisfied with both players in terms of both their skill and their professional attitudes. However, there are some differences in their overall styles and hero pools. Farway1987 is more aggressive when he's in the game, and the overall tempo of the game is faster, while Mmonk is more calm and has good accuracy.

Q5: How will the team decide which player plays?

Head Coach RUI: Right now, the two players will be rotated, depending on the patch and meta once OWL begins. The constant criteria of the CDH team always be that the stronger player will play. We are currently in the midst of our final preparations for OWL 2021, and hope to get the best results to give back to our fans. Let's go hunt!


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