Translation of Shanghai Dragon’s team manager/staff’s post on Weibo condemning a Korean player

This is a copy paste and my translation of what he wrote on Weibo. Chinese is my second language, so do correct me if I translated anything wrongly.


Translation: Since Luke has talked about this, let me simply state my stance and what I did (the measures I took) on the issue at hand.

Translation: This year is the fourth season. The team spent the first two seasons in Los Angeles and then trained in South Korea for another year due to the pandemic. During these hours, we have received a lot of help and support from foreign (korean) fans, employees, friends and even some passers-by; among the foreign (korean) friends I met, they are almost all friendly and kind, full of curiosity and respect for China. Thanks to their help, we slowly awakened from the relatively gloomy days of 2018 and 2019, and we are getting better and better. All these are wonderful things to me.

Translation: When I first saw this player's wrong remarks, I was shocked and angry. Such remarks are made in disregard of facts and international consensus and reveals this player's ignorance and violation/wrongdoing/violation of what is correct. As a well-treated and loved public figure in China, he should understand his public position, assume his own social responsibilities, focus on competition and focus on competitions, instead of arbitrarily making mistakes and challenging the sovereignty and unity of other countries.

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Translation: From the first moment we saw these remarks, we reached an agreement to fully boycott any form of activities that this player participated in (including training games , participating in commercial activities, accepting media interviews, etc.)

Translation: We also immediately convened an internal meeting and reached a consensus with all the players, coaches and staff based on the following two points:


Translation: 1) China's sovereignty and territorial integrity must not be questioned. This is the foundation and basic bottom line of all our activities, and every member must agree with this.


Translation: 2) Competitive esports should not be used as a political platform and no one from should use their public platform to make political comments"


Translation: "In addition, although the player also posted an apology afterwards, I personally feel that this apology is not worthy of recognition and acceptance, so the total boycott of the player will continue!!!"


Translation: In the end, regardless of the players or the team, I hope that since everyone loves this game and League, they should lead by example, respect each other, improve together, do more things to make the entire culture better, and work hard together to build a culture together.

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