Unplugging my mic helped me focus on my own mistakes and avoid tilting

Content of the article: "Unplugging my mic helped me focus on my own mistakes and avoid tilting"

Hey all,

I used to play and shotcall as a tank (as well as use my microphone often on all roles), capping out just shy of diamond around ~2900 on tank, ~2550 on support, and ~2500 on damage. Looking back I feel that I was able to climb due to my ability to organize with my team well, and not through any particularly impressive mechanics. I used to get tilted very easily in voice almost every single game as pretty much everyone just instantly starts flaming/blaming other characters while simultaneously throwing themselves which is something I do my absolute best to avoid. It was also a 50/50 if my team either absolutely hated my shot calling or loved it. I had about half of my commends as shot caller. I took a long break from playing overwatch, but continued following YourOverwatch and various streamers.

Having returned to overwatch in the last couple of weeks, I initially just forgot to plug the boom into my (new) headset, but after a couple of games I've found that it vastly reduces the amount of tilting that happens, while also improving my gamesense. Instead of me being the one to call things out and being focused on trying to coordinate everything together and getting frustrated when it doesn't pan out I am now pretty much only focused on my own play and trying to make the correct decisions, even if I execute them incorrectly just to work on my mechanics.

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If someone starts yelling you just mute them and you have no easy way to talk back to them, its easier to just play the game and focus on what I could have done better or differently. So if you're having trouble with tilting and blaming your teammates, try unplugging that microphone and just playing.

Also, I'm a plat scrub so if any of the coaches here disagree, by all means please educate me.

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