Unpopular opinion : I don’t want to rank up anymore

Hey all,

I just wanted to react – based on my own experience as player – to all the "how do I rank up?" posts I see all over the internet.

A bit of context first : I'm a long time FPS player (14 years of intense gaming behind me), picked up OW about 3 years ago and I'm still playing it quite intensively. I feel like I still have a lot to learn and I'm lucky enough to enjoy every role, and especially Tank and support.

I placed high plat (27xx sr) on my very first season, while still not knowing a lot about the game and most of the hero pool. I've placed between mid-gold with friends to regular low/mid-diamond in Solo queue. I've hit Masters too, but I'll come back to it later.

I've always been quite competitive when gaming so I wanted to see how hard I could climb on my own. Not reviewing my plays though (because I have a life) but mostly focusing on my own mistakes rather than my teammates', leaving VC when toxicity sparkled (I've been toxic a fair amount of times ngl, but it's a vicious circle if I stay in VC) and trying to constantly care about my positioning.

2 seasons ago, I managed to reach Masters in Solo queue mostly playing Ana and Lucio. I chose support because I feel like most of the time (though you will have great support teammates now and then of course), my supports lack gamesense and can't prioritize their targets. I thought that'd be where I'd have the biggest impact for my team though I think in essence I'm better at tanking.

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I could experience a good dozen of games (mostly wins) in Masters before stopping the ranked experience at that level. Why? Because mistakes cost a lot and people will get angry at you for them. Like really angry.

Keep in mind: some people place in Masters without tryharding like I did (some of you may recognize themselves here). This means they are naturally better at the game and/or have an overall better understanding of the game than I do. To them, taking the right decision or hitting that hard shot is natural whereas I have to really focus. You miss a sleep dart? They blame you. You nano a second too late? The Genji does on a rant about how you suck and he could have clutched and won us the game. You can't keep track of the ults used in a hectic fight and how your nade should have landed here instead of there? They will tell you to go back to bronze or something.

I just ended up feeling tired of trying so hard to keep toxics dudes alive. I think that, as bad as the ranking system is, it has a way of putting you "where you belong" in the long run. If you just want to play the game, you'll end up where you should.

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If you really want to rank up, you have to focus constantly and actually make better plays. You can't blame the ranking system or your teammates. Everyone faces smurfs and hackers. Everyone plays with trash teams. Some people rank up, some don't. The only constant element between all of your games is yourself so that'd be the only responsible element for a SR gain or loss.

In conclusion, to all of you who want to go up the ladder, keep in mind no one is gonna do it for you. If you want to play with better players, be a better player. Don't just whine about it online and play mindlessly afterwards. Actively commit to it or it'll never happen.

You know what they say, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Peace out and game on lads!


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