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Hello all,

First I hope you guys are having a good day and if not then hopefully a good rest of the day. I’ve been watching more analytical stuff lately in an effort to get back to GM, and one point was made when talking about positioning that most people overlook: distance from health packs. The power of health packs is insane. Imagine if zen got a 75 hp buff? People would flip. Standing near a health pack is nearly that! From what I’ve seen, people usually use health packs for when their healer is trash of after a fight is over. Even if you have a healer with perfect gameplay, you should still position near a health pack ESPECIALLY as an off healer like zen. Your other healer could be busy dealing with a threat or healing the frontline and the two seconds spent looking at you could cause somebody to die.

With ball becoming meta, it’s important to understand not only rollouts and map geometry but the location of health packs. As ball, those health packs are yours and yours only. Zoom through the enemy team, grab a mega, come back, rinse and repeat. In contenders, the meta is sig ball with sometimes a brig zen. How does it function with such low healing? Health packs! Sig has self sustaining abilities (eat+shield) and ball can just yoink health packs, leaving onky dps to be healed. Hoped this helped somebody, even if just a small bit!

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Like what I wrote? Come check me out at twitch.tv/stetjuiceboi, though you’ll find more scuffed gameplay than actual tips.

Edit: putting into paragraphs Edit 2: don’t use Megas when the fights are over. Actually, don’t even use minis either. Give your hp to your supports. Give them that juicy ult charge. Pay your healers with your blood and life

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