VOD Review Request – 2500 Bap/Moira Main

Platform: PC

IGN: mErpson

Heroes Played: Baptiste

SR: 2469; season (and career) high: 2731

Code: AVH0Q6

On support last season, I reached plat for the second time, but for the first time ever I stayed there and finished around 2580. Content with this, I played more this season and all was going really well. I managed to hit 2700, but after that everything went downhill. In my last ten games, I am 2-8, pushing me back into gold. This is why I'm asking for my second vod review.

The last time I asked for a vod review, I played mainly Moira, and following the advice I got which was to not play moira because she is super weak, I decided to pick up Baptiste. Immediately things went well. Last season with him my win rate was over 60% and prior to my last 10 games, it was this season as well. I would love to know what I can do better because I really believe I could have won this game if I played better. Below will be my analysis of the game.

Pregame: I chucked out my lamp for no reason. This was just a fat finger and not a big deal. Looking at my tank lineup, I asked them to swap but they both said no.

Start of defense: I shoot the Zarya bubble for no reason, giving her energy. Whiff many shots against their dps, and drop to the low ground with my tanks. Do you think I should have told my tanks to play aggressively because I had lamp to prevent us from falling back?

1:16: I let my zen die. I was duo queued with him and he didn't say anything about it, nor did I hear the Genji. I did manage to get the re-frag on him though. Nothing I could do about saving Hanzo, he was isolated and it was his fault he died.

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1:25: I throw a nice lamp onto the anti-ed hog, but the enemy team breaks it and hog dies. At this point, I leave because the fight is lost.

1:50: I drop down with my team here because I realize the fight is winnable. I think I should have rotated to the other side so I could have more easily lamped genji before I dropped down. He very well should be dead here. Good lamp, but grav ends the fight letting them cap. I probably should have used window here, but I felt I never had a good opportunity to.

3:00: pretty poor window here. Firstly it was too far into their team, and secondly, my zen couldn't have benefited from it. I also wasn't ready for the shatter, as I didn't expect it. Even if I would have dodged it I don't think my team would have survived. In hindsight, however, I feel I should have jumped to the high ground behind me like 10 seconds ago.

4:00: This would have been a great time for the window I wasted a minute earlier. I also didn't expect dva to die to the dragon strike, so I wasn't ready with lamp.

5:00: I whiff all my healing shots onto Genji, he should have died a million times there. Window was pretty good imho.

6:05: I die to monkey for no reason. I should have jumped to high ground right as I saw him jump towards me. Thankfully blade cleans up the enemy team covering my mistake.

6:40: I should have lamped hog. I didn't expect him to die because he was using his inhaler but he took a ton of damage at once.

7:45: My entire team dies here because I am not supporting them at all. I didn't really know how I was supposed to help them through. Regardless, I feel this was the misplay that lost me the game. I should have been participating in that fight.

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8:35: Me and zen waste both lamp and trans, screwing us over later. This was my bad, and I should have saved lamp for later. Regardless it didn't matter because I don't think we made it this far on attack. I swap to moira to contest because zen said he wanted lucio but it doesn't matter because I don't make it out of spawn haha.

11:28: I didn't at all expect to get pinned here, and that lamp was actually for my teammates who I thought would get pinned. Not a big deal though because we capped anyways.

12:25: Very awful lamp. In my head, our tanks would have pushed up, because our sombra's EMP was the most obvious thing ever. I guess not so our sombra died because my lamp was late. She also missed the zen with the EMP, so I don't think me missing the lamp mattered too much. That window was horrible because again, I thought the tanks would push up, and I should have avoided the shatter because I could literally see he had it.

13:45: I turn my brain off and die to zen. Very nice.

14:30: I thought that window was pretty good, but again their rein just pushed ahead of it. I think I should have stayed high ground and hogged the window for myself.

16:49: Super late lamp, failing to save genji. Again, I thought the tanks would push up and give him some cover, meaning I wouldn't have to use it, but i guess not.

17:30: The ana got super mad I didn't save her here. However, she didn't call out where reaper was and I thought he was on my tanks. My positioning was a little unfortunate because I couldn't see her. I feel this is the second misplay that cost me the game because we just get rolled till the end I think.

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17:50: I also wasn't able to save tracer. I didn't expect her to blink straight into the wall and die, but I still should have been earlier on the lamp.

18:43: I blow my lamp because of the flanking cree. Watching this back, it's super interesting because I didn't notice his first two shots when I was playing. If I would I could have told my team he was flanking and possibly saved my lamp. After this, I fail to avoid shatter AGAIN, but it doesn't matter because ana missed the sleep on the reaper so he just death blossomed us and won the game.

Sorry for such a long analysis, but this game was pretty intense I think. Thank you to anyone that decides to take a look at my gameplay! <3


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