VOD Review Request – For the first time in 2 years I’m falling behind (PC

Content of the article: "VOD Review Request – For the first time in 2 years I’m falling behind (PC"


Two years ago, having been playing the game pretty casually for the previous two years, I saw a JJoNak highlight video, and instantly decided "I'm going to get good on Zen" and in 6-8 months went from a Silver-Gold DPS/Tank player to a Diamond-Master Off-Support by watching a shit ton of Jayne videos. I've plateaud since, at least in part due to having my senior year of highschool and a lot of revelations about my mental health, but I never fully quit or anything, the longest I ever went without playing competitive in that period was like 5 days at the very most.

Well last few months I've been tryharding again. I stayed plataeuing in Diamond but lately I've been slipping and I'm back in Platinum for the first time in at least a year. It surprises me because I thought I'd only ever plateau back into Diamond at this point – that the instincts would be ingrained in me so the worst I could ever be was a Diamond bot – but no, presumably I have picked up some kind of bad habit or something along those lines that is actively regressing me. What is your diagnosis..es? Diagnosi?, gamers???

And /u/whatabottle , I appreciated your VOD review of my Route 66 game, especially your comments on cooldown management, but I really feel like you did not go hard enough on me. I should be lite-smurfing in the game you reviewed, but we lost, so I think I was fundamentally worse than you let on. You say I shouldn't be hard on myself but I really don't feel I'm being overly negative and I'm not extremely depressed about this or in tears or anything – I'm just disappointed with myself and being realistic. If you're going to review this (as far as I can tell you just review all the codes you find in this sub?) we could talk on discord while you do, if you'd like. Although I don't want to exploit you since being able to talk to a coach is something you usually pay for.

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